Female Ox Personality Traits

Female Oxen are very practical in life. They know how to analyze problems rationally and they are gentle, cultivated and understanding yet have no sense of humor. Perhaps you may find they are boring, but they just could win the trust and support easily and succeed through their own efforts.
Women under the Ox sign hold an optimistic attitude towards life. They love life, never yield to any setbacks, and dare to struggle, do what others dare not to do and insist on with a determined mind. They would deal with anything in a methodical and fixed pattern and they are clean and orderly.
With clear goals for love relationship, female Oxen would never compromise. Instead, they wait for their Mr. Right patiently. Being prudent, cultured and calm, they would love wholeheartedly once they fall for someone and never change their minds even if another better one appears.


Patient and Unyielding
The persevering and enduring female Oxen would never give in to fate. Once they are determined, they would hold on to the end until they reach the goal. This kind of unyielding merit is mainly illustrated by their strength and spirited attitude towards setbacks in life. 
Down-to-earth and Responsible
One of the traditional virtues of female Oxen is that they are down-to-earth and responsible in behaving and doing things and never ask for a skyrocketing rise. They are industrious and work with no complaints, thus among the most pragmatic workers. Besides, they are highly responsible for their work and themselves.
Rational Rather than Emotional
Perhaps Ox women are the most rational among the Chinese zodiac signs. In the face of crisis, they always keep a cool head, rationally analyze problems and find solutions. Also, they never act impetuously and due to their integrity, they would not do something improperly out of personal matters or friendship.


The biggest flaw of female Oxen is that they are opinionated. Since they are independent and confident, they seldom take others' suggestions and would not change their minds even if they make mistakes. As a result, they may go in the wrong direction easily to take on more work.
Female Oxen are less flexible, especially at work. They don't like to listen to others and could hardly be aware of their shortcomings. In addition, they are too stubborn and self-involved to listen to advice and prefer to go their own ways, thus alienated by others easily.
Less Feminine
Most of female Oxen are tough and less feminine, especially to their loved ones. However, romance is essential to a beautiful life and the tough attitude would make a marriage dull. The less feminine disposition often makes them feel life is quite boring. They are suggested to be more passionate and humorous to make life more colorful and delighted.

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