What facial features are the most attractive to men?

As the saying goes, "appearances are a reflection of the inner heart". The good and evil in the inner heart will be more or less reflected in the outer appearance. There are always some people who have good popularity and good luck in love and relationship. If they want to attract the attention of the opposite sex, they are supposed to start with paying attention to the appearances. What are the facial features of women that are attractive to men?

Dark and Shiny Hair

If someone’s hair is dark and shiny, it means that this person's hair quality is very good, and it also shows that this person is full of energy and vitality. A dark and shiny hair is already an eye-catching trait. In particular, girls with long hair present the temperament of goodness, and such kind of girls have better luck in love and relationship.

Widow's Peak

The so-called widow’s peak is a small part of the hairline at the center of the forehead that protrudes in a triangular shape. In physiognomy, people with widow’s peak are generally more eager, competitive and curious. People with widow’s peak often have the early advent of the fortune in love and relationship and there are countless pursuers around them.

Peach Blossom Eyes (Amorous Eyes)

Peach Blossom Eyes are eyes that look like peach blossom petals. Such eyes are always full of amorous feelings. This kind of eyes often make the opposite sex misunderstand and think that “this god is hitting on me”, which will naturally attract plenty of pursuers. Another kind of big watery eyes also attract the opposite sex unconsciously. In short, girls with big and beautiful eyes are naturally easy to attract pursuers.

Slightly Curved Nose

In physiognomy, a person's nose usually stands for his luck in choosing a partner. If a person's nose looks slightly curved, it means that the person has plenty of relationship experiences and enjoys good popularity with the opposite sex. It's just that sometimes too many romances may not be a good thing. Especially when it is unwanted affair, it may cause a lifetime trouble for them.

Mole on Eyebrow

If there is a mole near the end of the eyebrow, it is called a peach blossom mole, and it is also called "happy mole on eyebrows". People with this feature are naturally attractive and easily attract the attention of the opposite sex. However, there will also be good and bad luck in relationship mixed together. So, make sure to open your eyes to identify them.

Red Lips and Fair Teeth

Girls with fair teeth, angular mouth shape, moderate thickness of upper and lower lips, ruddy and fresh color, and slightly upturned mouth corners are easy to attract the opposite sex. Such people have a good popularity. Of course, it is also easy for them to get help from patrons.


In physiognomy, dimples represent good luck in love and relationship, and people with dimples are easy to meet the opposite sex. People with dimples are perceived as cheeky and cute, and they tend to get along with the opposite sex and are very easy-going. However, dimples often attract unwanted romance encounters. In physiognomy, dimples stand for the meaning of congenital facial damage (or broken face); in ancient times, people thought that women with dimples were not auspicious, because such women have a high chance of having extramarital affairs.