Dream of heavy rain, ancestors grave and dog biting my hand


I am a housewife. I have a dream that I cannot make out from the dream book that I have. Will appreciate some advice. I dream of heavy rain and was telling my maid that the rain was very heavy. Then I appear somewhat on the rooftop and there are 2 ancestors grave/tombstone (not sure the right term for it) there. I was somewhat asking so heavy rain then what about our ancestors grave? Later on I saw my hand being bitten by a small dog and not letting go and I was saying 'you see this dog bite my hand, don't want to let go'. There is no blood though. What does this dream means?

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If a dog bite your hand and don't let go : you are disloyal, (the dog that bite the hand that feed)
Ancestors grave or tombstone : some one miss you until they die.
Heavy rain : crying
Hi Wendy,

Dog bite your hand but there is no blood means you are passive in real life. There may be something bad happen to you but luckily you will lose nothing finally. It only makes you feel sad and feel wounded in self-respect.

Heavy rain means you will have many obstacles or difficulties in work or family.

Ancestors grave in dream indicates all the difficult problems around you could be solved.


Dearest W***H,
there are a few enquries that need responding, so as
to "see" what "this" dream may mean ...

for example,
* you talk about "a maid"
~ what do you mean by "maid"?
~ what does "maid" mean to You?
~ is there "a maid" in your "awake life"?

* you talk of "a rooftop"
~ what kind of rooftop is it (e.g. wooden, hay, glass, tiles, concrete) ?
~ what "shape" is it (e.g. flat, pointy, dome) ?
~ what is the building (e.g. cabin, house, tall building) ?
~ what is this building's purpose in your dream (e.g. your "own" home,
a mansion, visiting accomodation, working premises) ?

* you talk of "tombs" on said "rooftop"
~ is it/are they of "sarcofagus"?
~ is it/are they "buried"?
~ is it/are they "urns" (e.g. for ashes) ?

* you talk of "a dog"
~ are You keen of dogs yourSelf?
~ do You have/had any?
~ what kind of dog was it (closer to which breed) ?

* you talk of "a bite"
~ on which hand?
~ which part of your hand?
~ what kind of "marks" are may be there?
~ is there "pain"? and, if "yes", what kind?

"short~cuts" in "description" and "interpretation"
do NOT truly «work» in dreams (or ANYthing, to be honest)

with Kindness,



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