Face, moles and hand lines - what do they mean?


Please if possible just give me general advice but if you can please can you advise on the following especially re home, love, money/job. Thank you

I believe I am a Chinese metal dog. This is my year but have had no change of luck born on 18 April 1970 but happy with my partner.

I have 2 black moles one underneath my right eye and another on the right side of my face, one on the right hand and even on my right chest.

My heart line transcends upwards but is forked and has many downward strokes.

It also links to a cross that starts from the head line to the start of the fork of the heart line and rises to the mount between the ring and third finger (one with mount of saturn).

I have a broken mount between saturn and the apollo which also has a cross.

My head line does not link to the life line but runs parallel to the life line which has another parallel line but this has a break.

My sun line has many three breaks rising upwards, the first two lines are broken but strong and singular but the third line is faint and has two parallel lines

My money line which is also faint links to the the sun line in a triangle and trident.

My fate starts at at the forking of head line downwards and forms a triangle and rising to the mount.

I have an eye symbol that connects to the mount of the thumb to the left.

I have a strong marriage line that goes downward splits and a faint one then crosses the heart line.

I have one strong child line and two parallel faint child lines

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