Feng Shui Tips for Wealth

How to Use Feng Shui to Attract Wealth and Financial Luck

What to do if you have bad or declining financial luck? How to change your luck in wealth? Actually, these problems can be solved with Feng Shui for wealth. Then, what are the Feng Shui elements affecting your fortune?

Feng Shui Symbols for Wealth and Prosperity: Pi Xiu, Kylin, Golden Toad, Elephant, Five-Emperor Coins, Fish Tank, Calabash Gourd, Compass, Laughing Buddha, Bamboo

1. Wealth Area: The wealth or money area is generally located at the oblique 45℃ position facing the living room or bedroom as soon as you enter into the door. If there is a broken corner or sharp corner at the wealth area, it will make you unable to save money or far away from luck for wealth. You should not put a fish tank or hydroponic plant at the wealth area because ''water will flow away the wealth'' in terms of Feng Shui. If the bathroom or sundries are located at the position, the wealth corner will be stained and make your luck for wealth decline seriously. In addition, the area shall not be pressed with something above, such as heavy wardrobe, bookcase or storage room, which will damage your luck for wealth. Instead, you shall have a solid wall behind the wealth area, and a balcony behind will leak the fortune and make it hard for you to accumulate wealth.

2. Your home shall be vigorous rather than lifeless, or your bad luck will rise and you will feel stressed and depressed and have no energy and drive to make money. Green plants can provide the powerful life force and bring you good luck for wealth, so you might as well put some green plants in your home to accumulate wealth. Cultivating a lively pet can also make your house vigorous.

3. Put some items which can increase the "nobility" to improve your luck for wealth, such as the mini "vintage car" model or ceramic vase.

4. Generally, paintings would affect your luck for career and a good luck for career will naturally bring you good fortune. You may hang some good paintings like Nine-fish Painting, Galloping Horses Painting or Five-sheep Painting in your bedroom or living room to improve your luck. Never hang the strange paintings, or you won't have the good Feng Shui for gathering money.

5. Fish tank gathering water for wealth can effectively improve your family fortune but you need to beware of its position and type. You'd better put it in the living room and choose the proper one, neither too large nor too small, according to the area of your living room.

6. Put the crystal in five colors (white, green, black, red and yellow) at the wealth location of your home to improve the luck with benefactor or wealth. It will help you wage-earning class to get salary increase or promotion. The natural crystal is better.

7. Yellow has been regarded as a symbol of wealth while west is considered to be the dominant direction of career and wealth; if you put yellow furniture or decorations like citrine or other yellow items at this location, you will have better luck for wealth and get a successful career. Besides, you can wear a Yellow Citrine Crystal Charm Bracelet with your zodiac sign to attract wealth

8. Front Door:
Front door facing your neighbor's: many houses opposite to the neighbors and such a pattern will make you become poorer.

Front door facing a mirror: this pattern will generate a lot of evil spirits because the front door is one of the main Qi entrances. Over a long period, it will damage the Qi field and affect your luck for wealth.

Front door facing a window or back door: since the front door is the entrance of Qi, your luck for wealth also comes in and out from it. If there is a window or back door facing the front door, the luck for wealth will slip away from the window and back door.

Front door facing a kitchen: the pattern will weaken your fortune and lead to financial loss. The kitchen of great heat is rich in Yang while the front door in Feng Shui is the entrance of Qi, so the great Yang power will block the luck for wealth from entering into your house and lead to the failure in gathering wealth and the waste of money.

Front door facing a staircase: the layout will lead to wealth leakage and waste of money.

9. A small house with large front door or bedroom door cannot keep the prosperous Qi inside and will lead to waste of money and failure in gathering wealth.

10. The desk shall be put in front of the window from which you can see the distant view, so as to lead to the promising career and good luck for wealth.

11. Wall Cracks: the crack on your wall belong to the house quality problem which may affect your Feng Shui of wealth and you are suggested to repair as soon as possible.

12. If you live in the house without sunlight for a long time, you will have insufficient Yang in terms of home Feng Shui, declining overall luck and fortune.

13. I Ching pays great attention to the balance of Yin and Yang. Both human body and house shall observe this principle. Your house shall not have too many windows, or the excess Yang will prevent you from gathering wealth.

14. If you rent or live in an old house, you should renovate, at least paint, it to acquire a completely new outlook. Besides, you should change the kitchen range, bed, door and window.

15. You should keep your house clean and tidy to get a positive mood. Do not pile up too many old items in your home; throw away the unsuitable things.

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