Indications of Wealth on Face

High, Broad and Round Forehead
In face reading, forehead is regarded as the Wealth Palace which presents your wealth. Therefore, the high, broad and round forehead is a sign of wealth.

Round and Fleshy Chin
Round and fleshy chin indicate wealth or fortune. If you have this kind of chin, you can save the money earned, live a comfortable life and have good luck in old age.

Fleshy Ears
Ear has been regarded as a symbol of good fortune and wealth and it can be small or short but must fleshy. The fleshy ear represents the vitality which is essential to your success in career. If your ears are fleshy and cling to your face, or fleshy and long, you will be promising and become a millionaire.

Plump Temple
Temple is a symbol of wealth storage. The plump temple indicates the stable economic foundation and good skill in managing money matters. Also, it means you are prudent and mature both physically and mentally, and can accumulate wealth.

Plump Nose
The nose presents your luck for wealth and officialdom. A well-defined nose suggests good luck for wealth and rich life. If the nostrils or wings are not in the same size, you will have no luck for wealth. The well-defined, fleshy and plump nose is an indication of wealth.
Plump Cheekbones
People with plump and raising cheekbones are very confident, which will bring them a large amount of wealth. Cheekbone presents your determination and willpower. The plump and raising cheekbones indicate you are aggressive, brave and bold, and can make a lot of money.
Deep Eyes
Rich people generally have long and deep eyes with a sharp contrast between black and white, which make them look vigorous and unfathomable. For example, Li Ka-shing who is the 4th richest person in Asia as of August 2017 has expressive eyes, so he is insightful and often wins initiatives to advance and retreat.

Square Mouth or Red Lips
If your mouth is square or your lips are red all the year round, you could become rich.

Fleshy Face
Fleshy face symbolizes great achievement. For example, Li Ka-shing has a fleshy face in addition to his high forehead and round head. He is slim but has a fleshy face, which is an indication of wealth, fortune and opportunity.

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