Feng Shui Flying Star Cures 2024

As the saying goes, Feng Shui rotates. The year 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. The Start of Spring falls on February 4, 2024. The stars move and the magnetic field of the new year restarts, and the nine palace flying stars also change their palace positions; the auspicious and inauspicious directions also change, and this is the so-called Feng Shui of the passing years.
By analyzing the Flying Star Chart 2024, we can see that the energies of the Fire and Earth elements will be strong in 2024, while the energies of the Water and Wood elements will be weak. The Fire element represents passion, positivity, and explosiveness, while the Earth element represents stability, security, and protection. Therefore, in 2024, people need to stay positive and optimistic while focusing on safety and protection.
The numbers in the Nine Palace Flying Star Chart are unable to be changed. However, the adverse effects of them can be solved through the reasonable arrangement of the home furnishment. The following are some common solutions:
1. Paste the Right Color
Different flying star numbers correspond to different elements and colors, and the unfavorable elements in the Nine Palace Flying Star Chart can be toned down and diminished by affixing wall hangings, decorative paintings of appropriate colors.
2. Placement of Suitable Items
Different objects are inextricably linked to the elements, so you can dimmish the unfavorable elements in the Nine Palace Flying Star Chart by placing the right objects.
3. Adjustment of Furniture Placement
The furniture placement is also very important and has a great impact on the fortune and the health of the family members. Therefore, by adjusting the placement of furniture, you can mitigate the unfavorable elements in the Nine Palace Flying Star Chart.
4. Targeted Feng Shui Decoration
If there are major Feng Shui problems in your home, you can help your family improve their luck and health by targeting Feng Shui decorations to solve the problems.
Although the change of the Nine Palace Flying Star Chart in 2024 have certain effects, you can still maintain the good fortune and peace in your home if you have the right methods to mitigate them. Therefore, we need to learn and master the knowledge of the Nine Palace Flying Star Chart and mitigate the adverse effect according to our own situation.