How to Feng Shui Your Office?

Feng Shui Tips for Office

In this competitive era, people are busy running about their career and they spend most of their time in the office. An office with favorable Feng Shui is vital to your job and career since it makes you happy in work and brings you wealth and flourishing business.

1. The office should not be dark: the light of office is closely related to the success of business. If the office has abundant light, you will have thriving performance and the employees will be responsible and work to the best of their ability. On the contrary, the dark office always brings obstacles, bad fortune, villains in power, dereliction of duty, and low morale of employees.

2. The office should not be too large or too small. The too large office is open and cannot gather Qi together; the too small office is inconvenient for movement and hinders the business development.

3. The office should be wide: the hall in front of the office is a symbol of career. Once the hall is narrow and blocked, the company will have many setbacks, limited prospect and difficult development. Once the hall is open and quiet, the company will have a brilliant future and great success.

4. Looking ahead, the office should have higher building in the front left than the right front since this indicates the whole office will have a positive development and brilliant future.

5. The office should not have extremely high buildings around, or it brings the sense of pressure, even destroys the career stability, making the luck full of ups and downs and making the employees lose the ethic emotion and betray you.

6. The office should not have blocked passageways and obstacles: like the human blood vessels, the office passageways should be unobstructed. For convenience or out of carelessness, some offices are tightly packed with the items which should not be put into the office and have the passageways blocked, bringing the poor communication between employees, and the problems like great efforts without any performance, thus have the career development seriously affected.

7. According to the Feng Shui theory, the environmental field has a direct influence on the body field. Therefore, the office building should not be built near the temple, prison, etc.

8. The office should not have too many side doors, or it may lead to the slack fighting will, thus cannot accumulate wealth and achieve the due results and goals.

9. The beam of the office should not be exposed. If the exposed beam is right above the employees' head, it may bring work pressure or the villain's slander, and lead to cervical pain and blocked luck.

10. The height of the office window is also very important in Feng Shui layout. If the window is small, high and more than two meters above the ground, the office will be like a cell because the cell window is very high. Under this situation, of course, you'd better move out.

11. The layout of the office should be simple and easy; the fake flowers and trees and rockery should be avoided, or it will be lifeless and affect the vitality.

12. The boss's office should reflect the owner's authority and the enterprise culture to facilitate the implementation of decisions and hold the advantage of business negotiation. Sofa, hanging paintings and decorations should be overwhelming, so that the guests will look up rather than look down. All the arrangement should conform to the favorable direction and color of the boss's numerology.

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