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Bazi Chart

0 Reply Asked by M*** | 9/22/2020 11:32:56 PM

Can you calculate my Bazi chart? Birthdate is August 19, 1962 Birthplace: Philippines Time of birth: 12 noon Please recommend ways to balance and strengthen my chart. Thank you!

Moving house on October 2020 best date. Rabbit

1 Reply Asked by C***t | 9/15/2020 2:25:41 PM

What's best date to move on October 2020. Year Rabbit 1987

House layout

1 Reply Asked by c***a | 8/31/2020 8:57:19 AM

Hi. I am worried about the house we are to renovate since the old septic tank will be under the house (instead of being outside the house area). Even if we will no longer be using it having a septic tank under the house' flooring isnt auspicious,is it? I need help please. After renovation, it will be either under the kitchen, stairs or the master bedroom.My birthday is april 8, 1982,my husband is january 4 1980. Thank you so much

Good and bad direction for period 9 on my Kua #

1 Reply Asked by M***g | 8/30/2020 4:55:41 AM

My Kua number is 5 male, I would like to know my good direction and direction for period 9 which will start 2024 . Thank you very much

What is the best bed direction for couple with 4 and 3 kua numbers?

1 Reply Asked by D***s | 8/28/2020 12:12:36 PM

My Kua number is 4 and my husband's kua number is 3. Our window is at East, Door is at the North side, East side wall is connected to the bathroom/toilet. The only direction we can place our bed is at the west side where the solid wall is. What solution/s can we do? Or how can we position our bed?

ghost month

1 Reply Asked by c***a | 8/16/2020 4:43:53 AM

I am selling a property and the transaction will during the ghost month, I am worried yet I don't want to miss the chance. Please advice. my birthday is april 8,1982. Thank you po

Flying Star Charts

0 Reply Asked by K***m | 8/15/2020 12:45:17 PM

I have a couple of questions about this. 1. our house is rectangular. Do I extend the 9 sectors equally to cover the house? 2. Do the mountain and water stars affect the entire sector they’re in or would they just affect the NE or NW area of each sector? Thank you!

Which Direction to place the bed

1 Reply Asked by T***d | 7/30/2020 3:58:43 PM

I have a kua number of 7 and my partner has a kua number of 8. I am confused as to which wall the headboard of our bed should be against. Since both of our lucky directions overlap in west, should we put our headboard on the west wall of our bedroom or do we put it on the east wall of our bedroom so that we face the west when we sleep?

Feng Shui Kua Calculation

1 Reply Asked by S***e | 7/26/2020 10:47:56 PM

Hi, I'm trying to calculate my "Kua" number. May I know if I should fill in my date of birth in accordance to the Chinese Calendar or Gregorian / English calendar? Birthdate: 27 November 1985 in accordance to Gregorian calendar. Thank you.

Tree in Front of House

3 Replies Asked by S***e | 7/24/2020 12:21:53 AM

1) What do you mean by the following written in your article? Does that means to never had the tree cut at all? What if it had been cut and left with the stump by the previous owner? ● The house should not have a big tree in front. If you need a big tree, you can plant it in the northwest of the house to protect your family. However, you should remember that never cut down the tree in this direction. 2) What do you mean by the following written in your article? What if it had been cut and left with the stump? ● The house should not have a dead tree in front, even if it is not big, because a dead tree is harmful to the aged in terms of Feng Shui and it should be eradicated. Thank you.

kua number 2 - east facing door

1 Reply Asked by j***u | 7/8/2020 3:33:08 AM

hi there! I just moved to a new apartment and door is facing east. while it is suitable to my chinese zodiac horse, it is not very lucky for my kua number 2. what can i do to improve the situation? thank you!

Which direction should my house face

1 Reply Asked by L***a | 6/28/2020 6:54:59 AM

Hi, My husband and I are buying a house and need help with the direction our house should face. My husband is Monkey born 23/2/1992 and I am a Dog 21/08/1994. Thanks, Lina

Improving Bazi

4 Replies Asked by A***u | 6/17/2020 6:43:34 AM

My dob is 4th january 1994, what are the colors to wear, which to avoid in order to improve bazi. Also what type of people am i most compatible with, which to avoid, for example water monkey?

Pi Yao or Pi Xiu Bracelet Elastic Broke

1 Reply Asked by M***g | 6/10/2020 4:53:00 PM

Around April 2020, I bought a obsidian Pi Yao bracelet. Today, June 10th, the elastic broke. Can I re-string the beads and the Pi Yao with a new elastic?

Bed and desk in bedroom

1 Reply Asked by A*** | 6/6/2020 12:29:21 AM

Hi, My Kua number is 1. My bedroom is located in the southwest corner of the apartment. I need to place both a bed and desk in my room. Curently, the window is located on the south/ southwest side of the room and the the door to the bedroom is located in the north east side of the bedroom. Myonly options for placing my bed in my bedroom are either against the southwest wall or southeast wall. 1)If the bed/ headboard is against the southwest wall then my feet is pointed northwest side and the bed is on the same side as the door. 2) Headboard on the southwest side, feet pointing towards southeast side and in commanding position looking at the door but not inline with the door. For the desk: 1) I can put it in the south corner of the room where I'm facing the door and my facing northeast 2) I can put my desk facing the southeast wall and the door will be on my left hand side 3) the desk can go on the southwest side of the bedrooom, chair to the wall can see the desk and table facing southeast floating in the middle of the room Thanks!

Looking for mentor

1 Reply Asked by L***r | 5/29/2020 4:42:35 AM

I wanted to learn Forecast, and i find many method for predication but mostly strong were Astrology , Numerology and LOSHO even in some video they predict spouse name as well via Date of birth in LOSHU grid however nobody teach this science and i wanted to learn with Mentor who can teach me someone personality, kids, travel, education, spouse and family background health and weather long with remedies as well. Regards

Toilet in southwesr

1 Reply Asked by T***g | 5/18/2020 6:16:23 AM

My current house southwest is my toilet. I was born in 28/10/1977 at 1310. I am facing a lot some problems with my marriage now. Please help?

Very weak Bazi

0 Reply Asked by W*** | 5/13/2020 6:15:03 AM

Hello, I was born on 11 Dec 1972 at 5:40am. My Bazi chart shows my DM is Fire, and that i am too weak as i have too much water (60) and no earth. What remedies should i take? TQ.

Yav (Buddha eye) symbol

0 Reply Asked by g***y | 5/2/2020 8:13:02 AM

For wealth and happiness whether we should have yav symbol on both hands of the thumb.

kitchen NW

0 Reply Asked by A***r | 4/23/2020 6:22:28 PM

Hi I thought that is was bad to have kitchen in an auspicious direction as it pressed down on good luck and brought misfortune .So as a kua female NW is of my auspicious directions so would be bad place for kitchen . Whereas placing it in the E- SE-S or N would press down on my bad luck. Or does it not count in this case as good place for kitchen overall ?

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