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facing east

2 Replies Asked by business1 | 11/14/2019 12:03:12 AM

i live in a condo unit, the main door is facing the hallway which is west and the window with balcony is facing the road facing east, is it a lucky orientation? thanks


1 Reply Asked by Christina Burden | 11/13/2019 8:14:24 PM

I take care of my severely disabled mother and I am in poor health also. We have had extremely bad luck and ill feelings in our rv. We live in a motorhome and we are moving to Texas with good friends. We are buying lots on which we will put our rv.I was wanting to know in which direction should the lot face and which way should the Rv face. It's a 40ft class a with the door in front on the passenger side. The bedroom faces the passenger side. My mother spends 100 percent of her time in bed. We need all the harmony and good luck for a happy home. Is there anyone who could answer that for me any help would be grateful.

Use of chain.

1 Reply Asked by Ian Graham Mitchell | 10/30/2019 7:14:29 AM

Is it OK to use chains to hang the lamps outside of my new Bar?

matatangap po kaya ako sa interview sa london for applying as staff nurse?

0 Reply Asked by anaviel margareth cariño rodellas | 10/13/2019 8:02:41 PM

nung last month lang po, hindi ako natanggap for nuse in germany. nitong oct. 20 po, may interview po ako sa manila for nurse in london. matatanggap po ba ako dito? kung hindi po, may opportunity po ba ako makapagtrabaho abroad sa gusto kong bansa? salamat po.

where do I sleep? nakaapartment po kasi ako.

0 Reply Asked by anaviel margareth cariño rodellas | 10/13/2019 7:52:09 PM

hellow po. tanong ko lang po kung anong lucky place to sleep sakin. nagsearch po kasi ako. ang sabi is west or south west. nagdownload po ako ang compass and ang magnetic heading ko po is nasa east. ang sabi po sa nabasa ko, bad area ko daw po ang north, south, east and southeast.

Best Date to Move Into new House

4 Replies Asked by Rain Riva | 10/9/2019 12:33:48 AM

Best Date to Move Into new House, my DOB is Nov.29, 1982. Thank you.

Wearing more than (1) Pi Xiu Bracelets

1 Reply Asked by Barbara Grant | 10/4/2019 11:50:07 AM

I have been wearing a Single Pi Xiu Bracelet. I just purchased a brand new Double Pi Xiu Bracelet, which is on the way to me, by mail. Can I wear both at the same time? If not, what should I do with my old one? It is not broken, it just that it is turning color, because it is old. The new one is a Double Bracelet, while my old one is a Single Bracelet, with the Dragon Symbol. This is helping me balance my Feng Shui, to bring me Good Luck.

Master Bedroom in North East corner and no other option.

0 Reply Asked by Fatma Tabassun | 9/26/2019 2:46:14 AM

I have a 1BHK rented house with East entrance, and the bedroom is in the North East corner of the house and kitchen in the south west corner, toilet in the ESE corner, bathing tub at the South east of the house drawing at the middle North and dinning at the north west, and a open garden at west side of the house. I van not move the bed to any other direction please let me know what can I do? The Bedroom there is all window at the East of the room and a big door to the west of the room, so we have 2 positions either the south wall or the north wall, even we have a dressing table and a long cupboard for us and a small cupboard for the baby. Right now we have the bed place in center of the north wall with the cupboard opposite to the bed towards the south wall with its mirror sliding gates facing toward the north. At the south east of the bedroom we have the dressing table and the northwest of the room we have the child's cupboard. at the North east corner there is a small table for mobile charging wire and medicine box. My husband is getting health issue and he is always low, my child keeps on shouting and does not listen. I am always in tension. If there is any remedy please let me know, please note I do not have any other room to make it a bed room.

Bed placement

5 Replies Asked by Alex Mcg | 9/25/2019 2:55:04 PM

Hi Master, my Kua is 3. I'm currently sleeping facing west as that is the command position. My career luck has been very average and I'm struggling to find a permanent job. Can I place my bed facing the east but the bed will be in line with the room door? Thank you.

Proper placement for Chinese Zodiac Symbol

1 Reply Asked by Michelle Trudgen | 9/19/2019 7:03:04 PM

I have an old Chinese brass/round zodiac good luck charm, it has all the zodiac signs along with the red tassels and knots and is round (knot on top and bottom of round zodiac symbols). It was given to me as a gift about 8 years ago. Can I still use it in my Feng Shui placement and if so where is the best place to hang her. I feel like she should be out again, I’ve had her away from sight for some years now. All the Chinese zodiac signs are on one side of the big coin and lucky symbols and words on the other. Would really appreciate some help with it or to be pointed in the right direction for correct reading material. Thank you 🙏

To learn about Feng Shui

1 Reply Asked by Susan Simcox | 9/19/2019 11:42:40 AM

I am trying to learn the basics of Feng Shui.

About feng shui

1 Reply Asked by Niranjoe chingtham | 9/12/2019 11:00:46 PM

What is feng shui and it uses?

Why is there no mention in horoscopes for retired people?

0 Reply Asked by Gloriana Callaghan | 9/9/2019 10:47:13 AM

Hi, I have been on many Feng Shui sites and whenever I read my horoscopes I always notice that in the career section it doesn't allow for those who are retired. For e.g. I'll read my horoscope and it may state that in a job I may be promoted. But as I'm not working then I have to ignore that because it doesn't apply to me personally. So is there any reason why retired people are not mentioned anywhere? I also noted under the wealth and fortune that my animal, Fire Pig, is supposed to be wealthy and have good fortune. But that doesn't apply to me either. 😊 Thank you.

Trying to understand the allocation ofBagua elements

0 Reply Asked by ann c | 9/7/2019 10:38:30 AM

Hi, I've started to add feng shui to my home, adding elements colors and items related to the bagua. But have a few questions that are confusing me 1) how do I add on cure elements for the 9 flying stars? Do I just add the relevant cures to the bagua? How about cures to room with 2 or more then bagua area? 2)If a room has 2 to 3 different bagua, how do I go about it? For example, one bedroom has partial south ( left corner) , south west ( bottom half of the room) and West bagua( top half of the top) . Do I add each element colour from each bagua in the bagua area? I read somewhere that we need to find a common element, but I think I can't find a common element for fire, earth and metal element. 3)Is it true that every room need to have all 5 elements colour, but bigger portion for the related bagua,eg living room located in north west, a metal elements,ill add majority metal colors but will add some items from each 5 element, blue frame, small plant, red Deco, yellow cushion? 4)If an element is excess to a bagua, excess water ( blue wall paint) in fire bagua, should I use element to destruct or weaken the water or enhance the fire more? 5) can I bagua a room in the house, even though I've bagua the house? Eg south room decorate with fire element, but in the room bagua,Ill add a relevant element for each area? Thank you so much, I hope you can help answer my questions so I can get a better understanding of feng shui.

Breaking ground to build new house

1 Reply Asked by LH | 9/5/2019 2:16:18 PM

Hello! I am a female born year of the sheep. We will be building a new home very soon. Which dates are auspicious for the month of September and October? Both husband and I were born in 1979.

Which direction should i use when deciding my sitting and facing direction.

1 Reply Asked by Rene L Arroyo | 9/4/2019 3:46:16 PM

I live in a very large building that was built in 1923 I was born and raised here since 1968 my apartment is located on the 4th floor the main street entrance of the building faces the Southeast but once you walk in the building there is another door that you must enter first, this door is also facing the Southeast. after walking up the 4 flights of stairs and I am standing looking outward from my apartment door the direction is Southwest I am also directly facing the staircase. Please advise me which direction should I use when deciding my sitting and facing direction when using a Bagua map and the 2019 Flying star map.

Know about career and love life

1 Reply Asked by Simranjeet singh | 9/3/2019 8:44:35 AM

Hello i am Simranjeet Singh and my date of birth is 7 September 1998 and I am trying in music production and currently I am single

Can you mix colours in a bedroom that are different to that of the Bagua?

2 Replies Asked by Gloriana Callaghan | 9/2/2019 6:12:21 AM

Hi, I have followed the advice for Feng shui love. I had already painted one wall purple, as I have a missing wealth corner, the rest of the walls I painted pink. I would also like to choose red for the bedding. But the Bagua colours for my bedroom, which uses up Two areas, are Family relationships and Knowledge Spirituality etc. are Green, blue or black. I wouldn’t use black on a wall or for the bedding anyway. So should I use Green and Blue in other forms, such as paintings of the sea or a green forest etc? I hope I haven’t boshed all this up! I’ve also used my bedroom far right for the Love-Marriage relationships. That’s how come I’ve used the pink colours. Thankyou.

Can singles apply to divorcees too?

2 Replies Asked by Gloriana Callaghan | 9/2/2019 5:38:07 AM

I am looking at Feng Shui love tips for singles. Can this apply to people who are divorced too? Thank you.

Auspicious date for house blessing

1 Reply Asked by Adelaida F. Lucero | 8/31/2019 1:54:07 AM

Can we slowly move in, then have a simple house blessing this Ocober 2019?

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