How Period 9 Affect People's Life in Feng Shui?

2024-2043, 20-year period is Period 9 in the lower cycle of "the Three Cycles and Nine Periods". During this period, the Nine Purple Star will prevail and the fortune will be under the influence of “Li Trigram”(离卦) according to Yi Jing (the Book of Changes). In Period 9, Li Trigram is represented by fire element of the Five Elements. Let’s see how Period 9 affects people’s life. 
1. As Li Trigram is represented by fire element, which has relations to energy, the telecommunications, satellite transmission, electricity, energy, oil, natural gas, solar energy, thermal energy and other scientific and technological energy technology will make great progress.
2. The Li Trigram also indicates the cultural ideology. The traditional Chinese culture will prevail, and the private tutoring and training industry will recover gradually. The systems, institutions, ideas, education and people's livelihoods will have significant changes in the 20 years.
3. The Li Trigram shows the emotions and relations. All kinds of emotional problems will arise. People will be prone to be irritable, anxious, so they need to pay attention to mental illness.
4. The Li Trigram is also related to the aspects of heart, blood and eyes. Industries related to blood and eyesight will be developed. In terms of health, there is a high incidence of disorders of the eyes, heart, blood pressure blood vessels, breasts, etc. In particular, there is a general increase in all kinds of heart diseases, tumors, and eye diseases;
5. The Li Trigram implies separation, and the divorce rate will be high.
6. The Li Trigram in Period 9 relates to net. So, the electronics and network technology will develop rapidly, and the research on space, out space, microparticles and cosmos will become a hit. 
7. The Li Trigram is linked to middle aged women. The status of women will be further improved. Strong women have become a generally accepted fact in the whole society. Among movie and TV stars, middle-aged actresses will dominate the screen to lead the fashion trend.
8. The Li Trigram indicates conspiracy, which implies more conspiracies and falsehoods.
9. The Li Trigram implies armor and arms. Defense, military, weapons, counter-terrorism and other related areas will be highly valued.
10. The Li Trigram relates to contract. There will be more disputes, business ventures and contract-related lawsuits.
11. The Li Trigram concerns about the aspects of appearance and image. People will pay more attention to the appearance of products and human appearance. Beauty and health care, plastic surgery will be more prevalent.

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