Feng shui obsidian wealth bracelet


I would like to know in which hand do I wear the bracelet, left or right hand? Also, pls tell me in which hand do I wear the feng shui lucky ring, right or lef and any other rules. Thanks.

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Obsidian bracelet is generally recommended to wear on the right hand.

Wearing on the left hand and right hand actually have different effects. If worn on the left hand, it can enhance human vitality and have a good recovery effect on human body and physical strength. It can also strengthen your action and centripetal force, which can enhance your leadership charm and help your career.

If worn on the right hand, it can absorb bad negative energy and some unclean things or bad luck in the body. If you are feeling bad luck or uncomfortable recently, you can wear the obsidian bracelet on your right hand, and you will find a significant improvement.

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