7 Financial-loss Feng Shui Habits You Need to Know

In daily life, you may find you are easy to lose money, hard to earn money or your whole wealth fortune is not good. In terms of Feng Shui, there are some financial-loss Feng Shui habits that you may not know. Check them now.

Keep Shaking Legs While Sitting
As the saying goes, one should sit and stand properly. However, many people in real life just can't do this and quite a few people like to shake their legs while sitting, or shake one leg in a cross-legged manner. On the one hand, it is not comfortable to behave like this; on the other hand, shaking legs will shake off the luck in wealth, even the entire good luck.
Too Many Pockets on Your Clothes
Nowadays, the clothes with innovative design are quite popular. What we mention here is the loose casual clothes with too many pockets scattered from top to bottom, which is a symbol of scattered luck in making money. A saying goes that, it is easier to make money than to keep it; you don't want to scatter your money away, right? It does not mean that you're not allowed to wear this kind of clothes; just try to choose those with fewer pockets.

Waste Water
Many people don't care much about bottled water and sometimes throw away after drinking just half of it, or even after a few mouthfuls. It is not only limited to bottled water, but also barreled water, pure water or tap water, which is not a matter of throwing away: some people habitually pick up a big glass of water, but never drink or just drink a few mouthfuls. Water represents wealth and luck in making money in Feng Shui. Imagine, the water you pour away every day is actually your rejection or abandonment of your own luck in making money. How can you have good luck for wealth if you have this habit?

Be Kind to Lucky Plants
Many people like to put some green plants indoors, especially those which can bring them good luck, such as lucky bamboo, lucky tree and neoregelia carolinae. However, some people put the plants casually in corners free from sunshine and ignore for a long time, leading to the withering of plants. Do not take it for granted that the green plants will bring you good luck as long as you take them home; if you fail to treat them properly, the magnetic field of those plants will not be given play, making it impossible for the plants to bring you good luck.

Keep Your Doorway Clean and Tidy
The front door, also the entrance to your home, plays a significant role in your family fortune. It is impossible to change the front door direction when you choose a house, but you can keep it clean and tidy. As the primary inlet of air, the front door brings in the luck for career, health and wealth. If you can keep it clean and tidy, your luck in making money will be improved.

Bright Rather Than Dark Indoor Lighting
Soft and bright lighting could gather energy and in Feng Shui, the wealth corner shall be bright rather than dark. If you don't know where the wealth corner is in your home, you can keep bright lighting in your home to have the same effect.

Place Lucky Charms Casually
In daily life, many people would like to wear lucky charms which can bring them good luck for love relationship and wealth. Most of the lucky charms at home are for better luck in making money. Some people buy the lucky charms and put them somewhere casually, which brings them more harm than good. If you are not sure about the right place to put those charms, you'd better consult a Feng Shui master for the proper placement.

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