Feng Shui Flying Star Chart Basics

In Feng Shui, it is believed that 'there are nine stars in the sky and nine palaces on the earth'. The nine palaces are the reflection of the nine stars on the earth. According to the principles noted in the “Luo Shu (also known as Nine Hall Diagram)”, the nine palaces can be represented by a nine-hall grid, and at the same time, according to different variations and patterns, the nine numbers from 1-9 indicating the star positions are filled in. This is the Nine Palace Flying Star Chart. In Feng Shui, the Nine Palace Flying Star Chart is an essential tool that can help people to interpret Feng Shui and enhance the auspicious aura of their homes.
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Nine Palaces and Nine Flying Stars

The nine palaces are divided into: Zhen震 (East), Li 离(South), Dui 兑(West), Kan 坎(North), Xun 巽(Southeast), Kun 坤(South), Gen 艮(Northeast), Qian 乾(Northwest) and the Middle Palace.
The nine stars are One White star, two Black Star, Three Blue stars, Four Green Star, Five Yellow Star, Six White Star, Seven Red Star, Eight White Star, and Nine Purple Star.
According to Feng Shui, the theoretical principle of the Nine Palace Flying Star is that the nine stars fly once a year in accordance with the order of the Luo Shu numbers. Every year, there is a star flying into the middle palace [5], and then the subsequent star in accordance with the order of the number of stars fly into the Qian(乾)6, Dui(兑)7, Gen(艮)8, Li(离)9, Kan(坎)1, Kun(坤)2, Zhen(震)3,Xun(巽)4. 
Number Star Direction Palace Five Elements
1 One White Star North Kan(坎) Palace Water
2 Two Black Star Southwest Kun(坤) Palace Earth
3 Three Blue Star East Zhen(震) Palace Wood
4 Four Green Star Southeast Xun(巽) Palace Wood
5 Five Yellow Star Middle Central(中) Palace Earth
6 Six White Star Northwest Qian(乾) Palace Metal
7 Seven Red Star West Dui(兑) Palace Metal
8 Eight White Star Northeast Gen(艮) Palace Earth
9 Nine Purple Star South Li(离) Palace Fire

Meanings of the Flying Star Numbers

The meaning of the Flying Star numbers is that it is more than just a number, and each number represents a different element. "1" represents the water element, "2", "5" and "8" represent the earth element, "3" and "4" represent the wood element, "6" and "7" represent the gold element, and "9" represents the fire element. 

One White (一白): a star in charge of romance. It belongs to water in five elements and mainly affects people's marriage and relation with others.
Two Black (二黑): an illness star. It belongs to earth in five elements and is mainly adverse to health, especially gynecological and gastrointestinal diseases.
Three Blue (三碧): a quarrelsome star. It belongs to wood in five elements and may lead to lawsuit, dispute, quarrel and theft.
Four Green (四绿): Wenchang (文昌) Star in charge of romance and education. It belongs to wood in five elements and is good for study, exam, advanced study, fame and clerical work.
Five Yellow (五黄): an extremely inauspicious star. It belongs to earth in five elements and is adverse to health, may lead to misfortune.
Six White (六白): Wuqu (武曲) Star. It belongs to metal in five elements and is good for promotion, military official and wealth. Sometimes, it causes finacial loss and injury. 
Seven Red (七赤): also known as Pojun (破军) Star. It has the strong destructive force, belongs to metal in five elements and mainly leads to financial losses, theft, prison and injury.
Eight White (八白): a prosperous star. It belongs to earth in five elements and is very good for wealth and promotion.
Nine Purple (九紫): a celebration star. It belongs to fire in five elements and means all kinds of festive and auspicious things, especially wedding and baby birth.