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Best Directions

In Feng Shui, sitting direction (also facing direction) is one of the very important factors. The right sitting direction can bring good luck and health to the occupants, while the wrong sitting direction may be counterproductive. The “Three Cycles and Nine Periods” is a longstanding way of distinguishing situations since ancient times, and when the year 2024 switches to the new horoscope of Period 9, the sitting direction of Period 9 will undergo a major shift. Let's take a look at the best sitting directions of Period 9 as of 2024.
The best direction in the Lower Cycle of Period 9 is the south direction. Sitting south and facing north is the lucky mountain direction. Period 9 is the Lower Cycle of the Three Cycles. In this stage, the Nice Purple Star prevails, and the Fire Element of the Five Elements dominates, so the red color signifies the most prosperous. As such, the best sitting direction in Period 9 is the south. The house facing south will be abundant with sunshine, having good ventilation, warm in winter and cool in summer. In winter, the sun can shine directly into the house, so that the interior becomes bright, and in summer, the house facing south can avoid direct sunlight. If you can make good use of this direction, then you will be able to make your own luck become better, and all aspects of development will become better and better. Living in a house facing the south direction will bring good harvest, wealth and good luck. We can change the arrangement of the home to achieve the purpose of favorable fire element and to enhance the family's fortune, so that the development of the family will become better and prosperous.
Apart from the south-facing direction, the southeast and northwest directions are also a good choice. However, it should be noted that different people have different destinies and attributes of the five elements, so the suitable sitting direction will also be different. It is recommended to do a Feng Shui Bazi analysis before choosing a specific sitting direction to determine your Five Elements attributes and destiny before making an optimal decision.

Best Facing For A House In Period 9

Period 9 of the Lower Cycle: Three Auspicious Doors
The first auspicious door: (Prosperity) The door facing the due south is [Prosperity Door], signifying the prosperity and great progress of career of financial luck.
The second auspicious door: (Growth) The door facing the due north is [Grow Door], signifying the steady growth of career and wealth.
The third auspicious door: (Improvement) The door facing the southwest is [Improvement Door], signifying the great improvement of career and financial luck.

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