Where is the Wealth Corner in Feng Shui?

What is Wealth Corner in Feng Shui and Where is it?

As the name implies, wealth corner (also known as money area, money corner or wealth corner), involves the luck in making money of a family or an individual and is a place where the positive energy gathers in a Feng Shui field. Therefore, wealth corner is quite critical in Feng Shui theory. To get prosperous wealth, the first thing you need to do is to locate the money area in your home.

Clear Wealth Corner: the left or right diagonal position to the entrance.
Clear wealth corner is the most recognizable in your home as it is owned by every family. Clear wealth corner is the money area of your living room. In home Feng Shui, the most important position in your living room is named wealth corner which has a bearing on the rise and fall of your family fortune, career, reputation and so on. As a result, you'd better take the arrangement and layout of wealth corner seriously. The best position for money area is the diagonal orientation of the living room entrance. If your living room entrance is at the left side, the money area will be on the top of the right diagonal and vice versa (Fig 1 and Fig 2). If your living room entrance is at the middle, the money area will be on the top of the left and right diagonal (Fig 3).
Hidden Wealth Corner: each house has its own wealth corner, depending on its facing.
For the hidden wealth corner, you just need to locate the flourishing direction of Flying Star. You can check the table below for the hidden wealth corner or hidden money area of your home:
Facing of Your Home Hidden Wealth Corner/Money Area
South Southwest, North
North Northeast, South
West East, North
East South, Northwest, Southeast
Northwest Southeast, Southwest
Southeast West, Northwest, North
Northeast East, Southwest
Southwest Northwest, Northeast

If your front door is located at a hidden wealth corner, the money will roll in to your family.

Wealth Corner Arrangement

Once you locate the wealth corner, you need to arrange it properly.

Make Sure the Wealth Corner Have a Backing
You'd better arrange a solid wall behind the wealth corner to gather air and energy and to protect the wealth of your family without fear of an attack from the rear. If a transparent glazed window is behind the wealth corner, you can hardly gather wealth and even suffer unexpected personal financial losses due to the leakage of air and energy.

Keep the Wealth Corner Bright
A bright wealth corner will make profits pouring in from all sides to your family. If it is dark, however, your luck in making money will be sluggish and you need to install a nightlight to solve the problem.

Keep the Wealth Area Clean and Tidy
Many people know a smattering of living room wealth corner and would put something not commonly used here, which is actually a taboo as it will lead to great losses of family property and make the money earned incomplete. Therefore, you need to keep the money area for your living room clean and tidy.

Place Green Plants at the Wealth Corner
As the main orientation where the family wealth gathers, the wealth corner prefers to vigorous plant, especially green plants which can promote the auspicious and prosperous air in your home during the growth and bring you more money. Be careful, however, that these plants shall be grown in soil rather than water. The sharp-leaf or thorny plants, which symbolize the bumpy road of making money, shall also be avoided.

Sit at the Wealth Area
Sitting at the wealth corner, the luck in making money will gather on your body naturally, so you can put a couch at the wealth corner.

Keep the Wealth Corner Flat and Smooth
Do not have a walkway, door or open window at the wealth corner; otherwise, you will let out your luck in making money. But if you install curtains or closed window here, it will be fine. You'd better not have a pillar or recession at the wealth corner and you may put a screen if it is a walkway here, so as to avoid the penetration and create a great money area.

Put Some Lucky Charms
You may put some lucky charms, such as vase, rare curio, shoe-shaped gold ingot, treasured vase, Pi Xiu, a pair of inward kylins, grapefruit, orange, ancient coins, potted plant, floristry, money tree, lucky bamboo and gold fortune calabash at the wealth corner, which will further improve your luck in making money.

Wealth Corner Arrangement Taboos

No backing for Wealth Corner
You'd better have two solid walls behind the wealth corner, so as to have something to lean on with worries behind and to gather air and energy.

Noisy Rather than Quiet Wealth Corner
A noisy or chaotic money area can hardly keep incomes but break up your luck in making money, causing financial losses to your family. Therefore, remember not to place any TV, audio and other home theater equipment here. The vibration of electrical appliances is inevitable in the use, which will lead to the unstable state of wealth corner and make it hard for you to save money. At the same time, no air conditioning is allowed at the wealth corner, or your luck in making money will be blown away.

Heavy Weight at Wealth Corner
No heavy furniture, such as cabinet, bookcase and display case, at the wealth corner; otherwise, the heavy weight will suppress the emission of wealth and prevent the accumulation of family fortune, which has no benefit for your family but stagnate, even seriously damage your family fortune.

Contamination to the Wealth Corner
The wealth corner shall be kept clean and tidy. The left shall not be a rest room, or the wealth corner will be contaminated, making it hard for your family to gather wealth. Also, do not have a sharp corner opposite the money area, or the evil spirits will be increased to affect your family fortune.

Water at Wealth Corner
The wealth corner shall be kept stable and free from water, so do not place water plant or fish tank here; otherwise, your fortune will be turned into water. Also, do not place a waves painting here as it symbolizes ups and downs of luck in wealth. Waterfall painting which symbolizes come and go of wealth shall also be avoided. Landscape painting at wealth corner indicates the outgoing wealth, thus shall be avoided too.

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