2020 Feng Shui Flying Stars


In 2020, the nine flying stars will fly to the new positions from February 4, 2020, the Beginning of Spring. The property of the nine stars at the corresponding directions in 2020, precautions and cures are mentioned in this article. If you can arrange the directions properly, you will resolve the bad impact of inauspicious stars and strengthen the benefit of auspicious stars to get good luck and drive away bad energy!


The inauspicious star Five Yellow (五黄) will fly to East in 2020. The star in charge of disaster, misfortune, disputes, accidental injury and bleeding, is the most inauspicious star among the nine stars. If your main door, window, seat, bed, or stove is at the east position of your house, you will be prone to have accidental misfortunes, bleeding, financial losses and disputes. So, you should be extra careful. In 2020, you should not break ground or place red and yellow items at the east direction.
Feng Shui Cures:
If your front door, bedroom or kitchen is located at east, you can lay a grey or white carpet to solve the problem. Do not place soil-cultured potted plants in the due east of your office or living room but aquatic plants are fine. In addition, unforeseen disasters may occur in the year, so abide by traffic rules when going out and avoid risky sports. After the Beginning of Spring, you can go for a blood donation or a check-up, which means you have seen blood before the disasters of blood taking place. Also, you can place Five-Emperor Coins, or metal Pi Xiu or copper bells in the due east to drive away the evil spirits caused by Five Yellow, so as to turn evil luck into good, take a turn for the better and be out of danger.


Two Black (二黑), a.k.a. Ju Men (巨门), is an ominous star in charge of illness, pain and accident. The star will fly to south in 2020. The improper layout of Feng Shui at this direction will cause disasters, illness of family members, disagreements of couples and misfortune to the family. Since Two Black will fly to the due south - a direction damaging Tai Sui, the power of evil spirits can be strong. The due south of home, shop and office can be affected by the Two Black and you need keep an eye on personal financial losses and injury. 

Feng Shui Cures:
The way to mitigate Two Black is by using the Yin earth of Five Elements and placing items like wood carving, clay sculpture or potted plants in the direction of Two Black. Earth generates metal and the evil spirits of Yin earth can be drained off by items belonging to metal. Metal Feng Shui items, such as Five-Emperor Coins, copper Pi Xiu and copper gourd with strong positive energy, are suggested in the due south of room to absorb the dirty things in this direction and balance the negative effects of Two Black. You can also wear small pendants like copper Pi Xiu and coin in the office to improve your fortune and maintain the positive energy. If your front door, bedroom or kitchen is at the due west, you’d better lay a grey or white carpet to solve the problem.


In 2020, Three Blue (三碧) will fly to the due north. It is a quarrelsome star belonging to wood in five elements and may lead to lawsuit, dispute, quarrel and theft. If your front door, desk or your bed is at this direction, you may suffer from a lawsuit, get frustrated in business or fall ill. During the Rat year 2020, you are suggested to calm down as you will be prone to disputes. The improper layout at north will lead to unstable family luck and financial losses; meanwhile, family members will suffer from skin or liver and gall diseases.

Feng Shui Cures:
According to the theory of Five Elements, Three Blue belongs to wood and metal is suggested to restrain its evil spirits. Metal Feng Shui items like Pi Xiu, shoe-shaped ingot and Bagua mirror can drive away the evil spirits. Do not have bed, office table and other places requiring long-term stay in the due north. This year, groundbreaking, decoration, green or blue plants should be avoided in the due north of your home. In addition, you can place a pair of stone-carved lion ornaments in this direction to stay away from disputes and lawsuits. If your front door, bedroom or office is at this direction, you may place a red or purple blanket at the entrance to solve the problem.


Four Green (四绿), a.k.a. Wen Qu (文曲) will fly to southwest in 2020. It is in charge of study, career, exam, advanced study, fame and clerical work and good for families having students. Four Green is not auspicious in 2020 and will affect the career and study fortune seriously. 

Feng Shui Cures:
The desk or bed of students, especially male, in your family can be put in the southwest of your home for better learning efficiency. Evergreen plants can be placed in the southwest to form the most advantageous Feng Shui area for study; also, you may place a Wenchang Pagoda or writing brushholder to further improve the study Feng Shui.


Nine Purple (九紫), a.k.a. You Bi (右弼), will fly to West in 2020. Nine Purple (九紫) is a celebration star which symbolizes all kinds of festive and auspicious things. The proper Feng Shui layout at this direction will bring festive and auspicious things to your family, such as wedding, baby birth, promotion, entering a higher school and commendation. The improper arrangement in this direction will lead to illness, bad luck for love relationship, financial losses or injury. Sitting or sleeping at this direction will benefit your future work or fortune a lot, especially investments.
How to activate the star?
Keep the due west clean and tidy, light and airy to welcome more happy events and benefit the hostess in your family. Put a Kylin ornament in the living room to boost up Nine Purple which will bring more happy events and benefit your career and family. By increasing the illuminance and laying red carpet in this direction, you can improve the Feng Shui. Pay attention to health if you have poor spleen and stomach function.


Eight White (八白) is the most prosperous star in charge of luck and fortune. In 2020, Eight White will fly to the Northwest direction. The direction is especially good for male of the family. Arrange the northwest direction of your home properly, you will get rich, promotion and develop your career significantly in the year; otherwise, you may suffer from poor health and unexpected financial losses. If you want to make a fortune, you need to make the optimal Feng Shui layout at this position; otherwise, you will get just the opposite. 
How to activate the star?
The northwest direction of the house should be kept clean in order to attract more wealth in 2020. It’s good to have your door and window opened at northwest, and seat and bed placed at northwest. If your front door, bedroom or office is at northwest, you’d better place a red or purple blanket at the entrance to strengthen its force. Place Pi Xiu item at this direction could also help maintain and attract wealth for family. 


One White (一白), also known as Tan Lang (贪狼), is a lucky star in Eight Luck. It will fly to due northeast in 2020 and benefit career, wealth and affection. It’s especially for unmarried persons in love. Arrange the direction properly, One White will benefit your fame and fortune significantly; if not, you may suffer from illness, dangerous relationship and feminism. As a result, you should arrange the direction properly if the entrance, door or headboard is located at the west of your house or shop, so as to benefit the popularity, social intercourse and children's study. 
How to activate the star?
If you want to find the right one, you can put a photo of your idol on the living room counter, and then put the Feng Shui lucky charm according to your eight characters of a horoscope to boost up your luck for love relationship. If you are married, you need to dissolve such a Feng Shui layout in case of extramarital love, especially for eldest daughter and young housewife in the family. If you are engaged in sales and dealing with people, you should take good use of the northeast in your home. If you can promote this direction, it will improve your performance and interpersonal relationship.


Seven Red (七赤), also known as Pojun (破军) Star, will fly to the Central Palace in 2020. The star belongs to metal and is changeable in Eight Luck, sometimes inauspicious and sometimes auspicious, thus should generate rather than control.  Seven Red is also a star of declined luck and symbolizes loss, dispute, booze and women, and affair. The improper Feng Shui layout at this direction will bring declined luck, career obstacles, false charge of villains, or unfavorable love affair. Seven Red belongs to metal in Five Elements. In 2020, this star will be interpromoting with the center of your house, thus quite beneficial to you if you are engaged in art, entertainment, and byways and you need to take good use of the opportunity. 
How to activate the star?
Do not pile up sundries or place such dangerous objects as swords, so as to avoid the disaster of blood, disability and health problems of your family. To neutralize the Seven Red (also Pojun), you can put a pair of Kylin ornaments in this direction to wipe out evil spirits and boost up the family fortune. If your bedroom or kitchen is at the center position of your house, you’d better place a black or blue carpet at the entrance as a cure. 


Six White (六白), also named Wu Qu (武曲) will fly to the southeast in 2020 and represent the mixed luck in Eight Luck. When it is auspicious, Six White is good for promotion and success; when it is ominous, however, the star represents lawsuit, accident and financial losses. This year, southeast is not an auspicious direction. If you have a southeast-facing window or door, your fortune may decline, especially if you are engaged in science and technology, real estate, mining and agriculture. At the same time, Six White will also affect your family's career and have a certain impact on the study and exams of children. If the host and hostess in your family are unemployed and hunting for a job, the direction shall be well arranged to bring good luck to your family.
Feng Shui Cures:
If your seat or bed is in the southeast, you'd better change it. Don't put mirrors, clothes hangers and metal products in this direction. Pay attention to health preservation if you have poor spleen an d stomach function. To improve the Feng Shui in the southeast, you can put a Bagua mirror in this direction to boost the Six White for better luck in making money and stronger metal element.

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