Chinese Name for Baby

Why should we choose a good name for baby?

Name accompanies and influences a person during the whole life. When a baby comes into the world, every parent wants to give their children a resounding name.

A good name is related to a person’s fate, character, marriage, health or even the success or failure of one's life. So it is particularly important to name a baby.   

How to select a good name for baby?

A good name for baby shows great expectation of their parents and also reflects their sentiment and dream. Except the positive meaning, a good name, when it’s pronounced, should be easy to call and better has a strong rhyme and rhythm. Also, the characters of the name should be balanced in the whole from appearance and are easy to write. In addition, if it could be with delicacy without fastidiousness, that’s much better. Also, you are suggested to avoid the following situations:
1.    Avoid using rarely-used Chinese characters for your name. If you use some rarely-used word in your name, it will affect your social intercourse as people could hardly call your name correctly.

2.    Avoid multi-pronunciation character: In case you use polyphonic word in name, people may call your name by mistake. Such as ‘乐乐乐’. It’s hard to tell the name as ‘乐’ is polyphonic. There are eight pronunciations in all for the name.

3.    Avoid those words which have bad phonogram. Some names seemingly to be elegant, however pronounced terrible as it has the same pronunciation with something that may be joked by others. For example, someone is called ‘何商’ which has the same pronunciation with ‘和尚’ (monk). So, monk is easy to be taken as this person’s nickname by his friends.

4.    Avoid using the same word with the elders or ancestors of your family. In Chinese culture, it’s regarded as disrespect to them if you use one of the words in their names for naming your name.  

5.    Don’t follow the fashion. You could see there are many people born in the 1960s called ‘建国’ (meaning: building for the country). It’s a trend that to have that name in that period as most people was aiming to build a powerful country. So, you could see many people called ‘建国’ now no matter everywhere of China. All in all, to follow trend is easy to drift into inanities and make your name duplicate with others. Click to see more Common Chinese Given Names

Most Common Chinese Given Names for Boys and Girls Born after 2010

Someone in China has made a survey about the name by selecting 30 thousand of boys and girls (18:13) born after 2010 at random and got the following result:

Among all the children selected, those who have one word given names accounts for 8.3%. 91.1% of them have two-word given names and only 0.6% has four-word ones. Following are the detailed statistics for the word mostly used for boy and girl:

Top 5 Words Appeared in One Word Given Names
睿(2.59%) 浩(2.56%) 博(1.82%) 瑞(1.80%) 昊(1.78%)
Top 5 Words (the second word) Appeared in Two-word Given Names
子(5.93%) 梓(3.41%) 浩(3.32%) 宇(3.07%) 俊(2.50%)
Top 5 Words (the third word)Appeared in Two-word Given Names
轩(6.04%) 宇(5.16%) 泽(2.84%) 杰(2.49%) 豪(2.19%)

Top 5 Words Appeared in One Word Given Names
悦(2.94%) 妍(2.45%) 涵(2.07%) 玥(1.53%) 蕊(1.42%)
Top 5 Words (the second word) Appeared in Two-word Given Names
雨(5.11%) 梓(3.69%) 欣(3.61%) 子(3.58%) 思(3.52%)
Top 5 Words (the third word)Appeared in Two-word Given Names
涵(6.75%) 萱(3.63%) 怡(3.18%) 彤(2.66%) 琪(2.65%)

Top 20 Given Names for Boys and Girls Born after 2010

Boy: 子轩、浩宇、浩然、博文、宇轩、子涵、雨泽、皓轩、梓轩、俊杰、文博、浩、峻熙、子豪、天佑、俊熙、明轩、致远、睿
Girl: 子涵、欣怡、梓涵、晨曦、紫涵、诗涵、梦琪、嘉怡、子萱、雨涵、可磬、梓萱、思涵、思彤、心怡、雨萱、可欣、雨欣、涵、雨彤

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