23 Old Wives Tales for Predicting Gender

Easy Ways to Predict Baby's Gender at Home

Chinese Gender Predictor

In China, there are several old wives tales for predicting baby's gender that have been used for generations. These ways are very easy that you can do it at home. Most of the methods are only by observing mother’s physical and facial changes instead of getting help from technological methods. Some of the ways are very accurate and even proved to be scientific. Now, let’s check the pregnancy symptoms hinting if you are carrying a baby boy or girl.

1. Shape of the Belly
It’s said that the women during pregnancy with the pointed shape of belly may have a baby boy and with the round shape belly may get a baby girl in most cases. In addition, if the belly seems to be small, it indicates boy. In opposite, the big belly shows a baby girl.

2. Appearance and Flexibility of the Whole Body
If the mother-to-be doesn’t look like a pregnant woman from the behind, that means except belly, other parts of the body doesn’t get fat, it indicates a baby boy. This kind of mother usually could move with quickness and lightness. In opposite, it she seems to be clumsy at the same time could be clearly seen to have got pregnant from behind (that means she is filled out evenly on all sides), she may get a baby girl.

3. Appearance
If the pregnant women found to be much prettier than she looks before getting pregnant, she may carry a boy. In opposite, if she doesn’t look as beautiful as before, she may get a girl.

4. Skin
For the skin, if it becomes darker than before, it indicates a baby boy. Don’t find any change? You may get a baby girl.

5. Feet
If the mother doesn’t find any change of the feet, she may get a baby boy. If she gets pedal edema, it indicates a girl.

6. Armpits
If the mother found her armpits become darker than before, it indicates a girl. If not, a boy.  

7. Nose
If the nose becomes bigger than before, it indicates a boy. Couldn’t find any change? You may get a girl.

8. Navel
Once the mother found her navel protruding during pregnancy, she may get a baby boy. If not, she is expected to get a girl.

9. Breast Development 
According to the research, a pregnant woman who finds her breast development dramatic is more likely to get a baby girl. In opposite, if there is no obvious change, it indicates a boy.

10. Stretch Mark above the Navel
There usually exist a line both above and below the navel. If the line found to be straight and long stretching to the middle of the breasts, you may get a baby boy. If it’s shot and not straight, it indicates a girl.
In addition, it the line is located to the left of navel, you may get a boy. Right will be a girl.

11. Diet
In China, it’s a very popular theory that if a pregnant woman likes eating acidic foods when she get pregnant, she will give birth to a boy, and peppery foods signifies a girl. However, it’s not scientific. Just for fun please.

12. Morning Sickness
The mother-to-be suffering less from morning sickness during her pregnancy indicates a boy. If she suffers a lot from it, it indicates a girl.

13. Wrist Pulse
Touch the wrist pulse of the pregnant women. If the left wrist pulse is found to be stronger than the right one, in means a boy. Once the right is strong, it indicates a female baby.

14. Position of the Baby
If the baby is found to be located at the lower part of the belly, it indicates boy. While, if the baby is positioned high in the womb, you may get a baby girl.

Also, if the baby faces outside according to the Ultrasonic scanning, it’s an indication of boy. If the baby faces towards the mother, it shows to be a girl.  

15. The Movement of the Fetus
If the child quickens in mother’s womb as early as from the 16 weeks after the mother getting pregnant and the feeling is like to be stroked and kicked, it indicates a boy. If the movement of the fetus is felt very late and the child is felt to roll in the womb when quickens, it most probably be a girl. 

16. Fetal Heart
When the fetal heart monitoring is done, if you find the fetal heart is located on your left side, it indicates a boy and right side to be a girl.

In addition, if the baby’s heart rate is less than 140 beats per minutes, you may get a baby boy. If it’s much faster which could reach 150 or more, you may get a girl. It’s proved that the accuracy of this way could reach 90%.

17. Habit
The pregnant women found to be much diligent than before usually are expected to get baby boy. While, if you become lazier, you may get a girl.

18. Urine Test
If the urine test shows to be alkaline for a pregnant woman, she may get a boy. If it shows to be acid, it indicates a girl.

19. Fetal Sac
Get the data related to Fetal Sac which is checked at around 50 days after pregnancy, if the shape of Fetal Sac is found to be long instead of round, it indicates a boy. The round one indicates a girl.

20. Location of Placenta
Placenta on anterior Uterine Wall which means the placenta is located on the belly side usually indicates a girl. If the placenta is located on your backbone side, it indicates a boy. This way is also proved to have a high accuracy.

21. Baby's Birth Time
In most cases, the mothers whose baby is born several days before the due date, they usually get baby boy. If deliver late than the due date, they usually get baby girl.

22. See Which Foot You Take the First StepWhen you stand up and begin to walk, observe which foot that you take the first step? If it’s the left one, you are more likely to get a baby boy. The right one indicates a girl.  

23. Let a Three-Years Old Children Predict
In China, it is said a child who is three years old could predict correctly if a pregnant woman is carrying a baby boy or girl. So, just let a child who is three year old to see your belly and ask whether it is a boy or girl.

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