2015 Horoscope for the Tiger

Years of the Tiger: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010. You can verify your zodiac sign by using the above 'Find Your Zodiac' tool.

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Following are 2015 horoscope predictions for the Tiger born in different years.

Horoscope for the Tiger People born in 1938

Please note that the prediction is for people born between January 31, 1938 and February 18, 1939. If you were born before January 31, 1938, please consult the 1937 Chinese Zodiac, which is year of the Ox.

The overall fortune for the Tiger people born in 1938 is good in 2015 which is the year of the Sheep. You will have a meteoric rise in career. No matter what kind of work you do, you can do a pretty good job. In life, you will be very popular among neighbors and also be highly trusted by people of your same age. In finance, you could manage your money well and have no financial problems this year. If you engage in some financial businesses, to cooperate with those people under the animal sign of Horse will be a great help to promote your fortune.

Horoscope for the Tiger People born in 1950

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 17, 1950 and February 5, 1951.

The Tiger people born in 1950 will be 65 years old when stepping into 2015. Your health condition will be generally good except some minor illnesses. Don't stay at home for a long time. Go out and usually do physical exercises are suggested. Your career is also not bad. Although it's time for you to retire, you are still hale and hearty. You are advised to engage in some volunteer work to kill time. When comes to finance, your fortune will fluctuate in 2015. You may have some money losses unexpectedly but it will not affect our whole fortune. As long as you are careful in financial management, it will go smoothly this year.

Horoscope for the Tiger People born in 1962

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 5, 1962 and January 24, 1963.

In health, you may always feel back aching, chest tight, and arms or legs weak in 2015. Therefore, you couldn't work up much enthusiasm for anything. Also, you are easy to suffer stomach and indigestion problems. So you should eat proper food to nourish your stomach this year. In addition, to increase the workout would be a great help. In career, it's not so lucky to you. There are always some people sneering at your. As the saying goes, endures a while uneventfully, back a step of boundless! There will be someone helping you to solve the problems. Be realistic and reasonable would be helpful to get job promotion. In terms of wealth, you can enjoy a good fortune this year. However, you still should be careful in money management in case of any unexpected losses. When cooperate with others, avoid investing those items of high risks.


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Horoscope for the Tiger People born in 1974

Note: The prediction is for people born between January 23, 1974 and February 10, 1975.

There is no bad sign of health in 2015 for the Tiger people born in 1947. You are always ambitious in career. However, as the competition is so fierce that you are suggested to set your goal a little lower and step forward steadily. There will inevitable be some disputes during your work. Don't spend time on dealing with this. Try your best to rasp good chances this year, you can make great progress. It is predicted that you may get promoted and salary increase in 2015. As for health, you should look out for suffering a relapse or chronic disease. You may have difficulty in getting to sleep during night. So you should adjust the rhythm of life well to keep you mentally healthy. The elders in your family should be taken good care of especially those long term patients. Don't decorate the room for them this year. In terms of love, you will have good chance to meet someone attracting you. It's an auspicious year to get married or have a baby. However, a small number of the Tiger born in 1974 may involve in a love triangle which will affect the harmony of your family and normal work.


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Horoscope for the Tiger People born in 1986

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 9, 1986 and January 28, 1987.

It is predicted that your health will be generally good in 2015. However, you should usually check your digestive system and pay great attention to your diet. Especially during January and July, avoid bone or face injuries caused by falling down. In love relationship, it will be a changeable year. The girls may return to your old boyfriend and the married are easy to be in discord because of some past love affairs. According to the Chinese astrology, you are easy to make a quarrel during January, April, July and October. If you plan to have a baby, it's a good year. For office workers, you can get a harvest in finance benefiting from your hard work. For businessmen, you are expected to have a good achievement. But avoid investing in high risk items or associate yourself with friends in a business undertaking this year. In career, you are easy to be conceited and arrogant which may affect your personal relationship. You'd better learn to seek help from your subordinates or leaders. If you plan to start your own business, it's an auspicious year.


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Horoscope for the Tiger People born in 1998

Note: The prediction is for people born between January 28, 1998 and February 15, 1999.

Your study can go smoothly but easy to be affected by your changeable emotion in 2015. So you should learn to adjust your mood. You have an aptitude in study but should be patient and careful or you performance and capacity will not match. Besides study, you should pay attention to the way of getting along with others. Avoid disagreement and conflicts with others. After school, don't engaged in adventures and pay special attention to road safety. In daily life, watch out the personal hygiene the dietetic hygiene. More fruits and vegetables in addition to enough rest will make you healthy in 2015. In love, especially for girls, avoid being enchanted by honeyed words.

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