2015 Horoscope for the Horse

Years of the Horse: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014. You can verify your zodiac sign by using the above 'Find Your Zodiac' tool.

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Following are 2015 horoscope predictions for the Horse born in different years.

Horoscope for the Horse People born in 1942

Please note that the prediction is for people born between February 15, 1942 and February 4, 1943. If you were born before February 15, 1942, please consult the 1941 Chinese Zodiac, which is year of the Snake.

Thee horse people born in 1942 can enjoy your family happiness in 2015. Your descendants are dutiful and successful in career. With their companion, your life will be comfortable and full of cheers and laughter. You will have no worry about finance this year due to your accumulation during the early years and children’s filial piety. In health, you should prevent cold, pneumonia or bronchitis problems. In life, keep a merry heart will be helpful to your health. If there is any anxiety or impatience, you should adjust in time.  

Horoscope for the Horse People born in 1954

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 3, 1954 and January 23, 1955.

In 2015, the Horse people born in 1954 should care more about your health. 2015 will be hot and dry. You are easy to get fever or inflammation especially for those living in Southern part of China. Therefore, lead a regular life and have a light diet are suggested. In relationship, you can feel great care from your children although they are busy and have little time to accompany you. You family will be in perfect harmony. In wealth horoscope, 2015 is an auspicious year. You have many chances to make money. So, always having an eye on making money and grasping the chance will make you more fortunate. Manage your financial plan better and trim off the unnecessary parts of your spending, you can save more. Inauspicious months for you this year are February, March, June and November of Chinese lunar calendar.

Horoscope for the Horse People born in 1966

Note: The prediction is for people born between January 21, 1966 and February 8, 1967.

In career, you are clever and energetic to thrive on challenges and always have full assurance of success. You may spiral up to be the head of your department and get a salary increase. At the same time, you are easy to be envied by others. So, keep a low profile in case there are new problems cropping up unexpectedly. In finance, you are suggested to invest in 2015 and are expected to have a great harvest. The auspicious months for investment are February, May, August and October of Chinese lunar month. In physical aspect, there will be no pig problems. However, you should learn to relax yourself under the great pressure from work. Pay attention to your health especially in April and July. In October, keep an eye on road safety. In personal relations, you could cooperate well with others. In love, the departed are expected to have a new relationship and the married can enjoy a stable year.  


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Horoscope for the Horse People born in 1978

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 7, 1978 and January 27, 1979.

There may some minor illness for the Horse of 1978 in 2015. But it will not affect your health greatly. As you have been over the age of thirty, you should take good care of your health. Look out any possible health risks and see a doctor as early as possible. Your love relationship will be stable this year. For the singles, you will be lucky to meet your future partner. In career, you are good at your work and will have a nice development. But there are also blocks causing some complications. Unite with all the forces that can be united will help you to overcome difficulties. The inauspicious months for your career are July and August of Chinese lunar month. Your fortune in wealth is not stable in 2015. If you plan to invest, you should learn to not overdo it. Pay attention to lock your doors and windows in order to prevent house-breaking. Also be careful about your possessions to avoid suffering unexpected personal financial losses.


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Horoscope for the Horse People born in 1990

Note: The prediction is for people born between January 27, 1990 and February 14, 1991.

You were unlucky and bad in fortune in 2014 which is your year of birth, 2015 will be a lucky year for you no matter in wealth, career, health or relationship. You could perform brilliantly in work and will be fortunate if planning an investment in 2015 especially for the Horse people born in winter time. It’s a year that you should learn more knowledge to equip yourself and raise self-cultivation. You will have no worry about your health. But you should curb your appetite for food and drink especially during the holiday times. Besides, more exercises and less time of sitting are suggested. In love relationship, you would enjoy the warmth and sweetness of love life. According to the Chinese horoscope, the auspicious months for marriage are January, February, October and December of Chinese lunar calendar. You can check our Chinese calendar to find a lucky day.


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Horoscope for the Horse People born in 2002

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 12, 2002 and January 31, 2003.
The Horse youths born in 2002 are full of curiosity and are always eager to absorb new knowledge out of class in 2015. However, don’t let it affect your normal study. As long as you attend to your studies, you can obtain a distinction in the examination.
In daily life, you should have more rest and outdoor exercises. On diet, you are suggested to avoid spicy and oily food, and eat more fruits. In 2015, you can get many presents and lucky money from parents and relatives. Maybe you are lucky to get the toys you want for a long time this year.

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