love match?? drastic age difference.


Boy rat ( 04/23/1996)
Girl rabbit (12/20/1987)
are we a good match?. i do doubts but we have been together for almost 2 years and we talk through the difference without big fight. we are thinking about getting engaged first and marry later. i was wondering if this age difference will affect the love life and if my partner goes all the way with me.

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Rat and Rabbit punish each other in Chinese Astrology. Traditionally, the power of punishment is bigger than offending and harming. Punishment means fighting against each other. Once you get married, your marriage will often be troubled by a third party.

Cures: Monkey can solve the Rat and Rabbit punishment because rat is compatible with monkey while rabbit also coincides with monkey; pig can also solve this problem because pig and rat are in the same direction while pig and rabbit are in the same compatible group.

You'd better have Monkey or Pig sign mascot at your home as a cure.

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