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I am a female, metal rabbit. I read the predictions for the 2022 Rabbit and they were almost entirely written for the male rabbit - there was almost nothing about the female rabbit. Here is what was written:

"Those Rabbit guys who have the conditions prepared are fit for arranging the happy events such as holding wedding ceremonies, buying properties or having babies, which can increase the positivity into their life". Questrion: What about the rabbit girls?

"Generally speaking, the financial luck for the Rabbit guys in 2022 will be very good." ~ Question: What about the femal luck?

"While their careers are on the rise steadily, plenty of opportunities for romantic encounters in the workplace will be brought to the Rabbit guys." ~Question: What about romantic opportunities for the female rabbbit?

"For the elder or post-midlife Rabbit guys, the most important thing they should pay attention to this year will be the gastrointestinal diseases." ~Question: What about the female rabbit?

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