Personality for Monkey People of O Type Blood

O-type Monkey people are cheerful, decisive, loyal to friends, and treat others honesty. Optimistic by nature, they remain calm in the face of any frustrations. At work, they are wise in reading faces and perform well. Although they boast good learning capacity and perception, they are playful and lack perseverance and patience, hence easy to miss many opportunities.


Monkey people of O-type blood are warm, outgoing, frank, open-minded and ready to help others. As optimists by nature, they treat setbacks and hardships in life lightly and can survive in both favorable and unfavorable circumstances. Also, they are able to socialize with all kinds of people and not concerned for personal gains or losses. Intelligent, talented, curious and willing to learn, they act quickly, learn everything easily and work excellently. O-type Monkeys are knowledgeable and sociable, play well with others, know clearly about others' character quickly and master a lot of information for their own use. They tend to stand out in the work related to diplomacy and public relation. Happy and humorous, they talk about wide topics in a well-worded way and mobilize the atmosphere in a team. After middle age, they get seasoned, persistent and patient and lead to success once the opportunities come, enjoying late success in career.


Sometimes, they are stubborn, frank and outspoken, and offend others. Though active in a team, they find it hard to be leaders since they are playful, irresponsible, impatient and careless, and often treat things lightly. With an optimistic personality, they seem to be less concerned about everything, making others dare not to leave important matters to them. In terms of study, Monkeys of O-type blood are highly perceptive and learn everything quickly but they are easily caught up with and surpassed by others due to their sluggishness and playful mind. 


To achieve success and catch up with others, they have to control their playful mind, uninstall computer games, save the money for amusement in bank and develop the habit of finishing homework and work first before playing. Also, O-type Monkeys should take everything seriously and never say "I don't care" readily. Once they change the bad habits of being playful, lazy and weak-willed, they could get success more quickly.

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