Male Dog Personality Traits

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    Male Dogs are practical in daily life and have very little bad habits. They are good at listening and sharing the unhappiness of others, thus enjoy great popularity. Males under the Dog sign usually boast a strong concept of family and it is the family ties that make forget cares and worries.

    As for love relationship, male Dogs won't fall for someone as crazy as those under the Horse or Tiger sign. Instead, they would stay with those they love and show the greatest care. Usually, they could maintain the stable family and are quite considerate and loving, especially for their children. For partners, they usually hold a bright attitude.

    In career, men under the Pig sign are hard-working, practical and good at management. Also, they are good working partners who are loyal to the company.


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    Men of Dog sign are straightforward, unmannered, lively and active and they like to right wrongs and uphold justice, thus highly favored by women. They may look passionate yet sentimental inside.

    Honest and Helpful
    In general, male Dogs are honest and never act. Also, they often defend the weak, listen to other people's gripes and moans and share the pain of others. They know how to get along with people. If you are in trouble, your male friend under the Dog sign will come to your aid without hesitation.

    Practical and Secure
    The fickle men always make women feel insecure. But you can totally feel secure with the male Dogs who are practical and bring you the sense of security. They all seem to have grown up in strict and impartial families and are almost free from bad habits like smoking and drinking. Everything they do is to strive for a better life. Male Dogs don't like to take risks and would protect people around and the loved ones from any possible dangers.

    Strong Sense of Right and Wrong
    With a strong sense of right and wrong, they cannot condone the equivocal attitude and make others feel they are too serious. In fact, they are not showing off; out of the inner goodwill, they consider it necessary to tell the right from the wrong and let others face up to themselves and the reality. Once they think they are right, they will never compromise.


    Dull and Indecisive
    The obvious and biggest flaw of male Dogs lies in that they are indecisive, blind and one-track-minded. Unable to please women or speak sugared words, they could only comfort girls with a few clumsy and dull words.

    Traditional and Stubborn
    The upright male Dogs are sometimes unbearably stubborn. They prefer to tradition and are less receptive to new things or the overly fickle and bustling lifestyle, making others feel quite boring.

    Lack of Action
    Men under the Dog sign emphasize theory yet lack of action and judgment. They are suggested not to act arbitrarily, or they will suffer serious setbacks.

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