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2022 Horoscope:

Rat will have a good fortune in 2022 all the year round compared with that in the previous year. In particular, their fortune in career will be very o ... [Read More]

Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac (生肖 shēngxiào) is based on a twelve year cycle, with each year of the lunar calendar associated with one of the 12 animal signs. 2021 is Year of the Metal Ox starting from February 12, 2021 and ending on January 31, 2022.

Chinese Calendar

Chinese Farmer's Almanac (Tung Shing or Tung Shu) provides you with daily lucky occasions, auspicious time, holidays, solar terms and lunar dates.
31廿六/26 1廿七/27 2廿八/28 3廿九/29 4三十/30 十月 (Oct) 5初壹/1 6初二/2
7初三/3 8初四/4 9初五/5 10初六/6 11初七/7 12初八/8 13初九/9
14初十/10 15十壹/11 16十二/12 17十三/13 18十四/14 19十五/15 20十六/16
21十七/17 22十八/18 23十九/19 24二十/20 25廿壹/21 26廿二/22 27廿三/23
28廿四/24 29廿五/25 30廿六/26 1廿七/27 2廿八/28 3廿九/29 十壹月 (Nov) 4初壹/1

Auspicious Days

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Chinese Calendar Converter

Select a Western date and convert it to its Chinese lunar equivalent.

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Chinese Palmistry

Get to know your personalities, fortune and future by analyzing palm lines, fingers, fingernail of your hands.

Heart Line Marriage line Sun Line Money Line Children Line Fate Line Health Line Life Line Head Line

Face Reading

Face reading, also physiognomy, is a science which predicts the fate by reading the facial features of people. Follow us to learn some basic knowledge and techniques of face reading. You can learn the general characteristics of someone once you master the knowledge.
Eyes Nose Eyebrows Ears Mouth Three Face Proportions 12 Houses Method of Face Reading

Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

Select your conception date and date of birth to get your unborn baby's gender based on Chinese Baby Gender Chart.


The name is thought to influence a person's destiny strongly. Follow us to get a good Chinese name suitable for you.

Psychological Tests

Free psychological quizzes and tests on personality, IQ, love, health, relationship, career, attitude towards life etc.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a mysterious metaphysic of Han Chinese. Feng (wind) is the air and the field energy, while Shui (water) means flow and change. The core idea of it is the harmony between human and nature. Follow us to learn how to use good Feng Shui principles to improve your health, wealth, relationships and more aspects.

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Questions and Answers

Since the founding of, we have helped users solve over 20,000 problems for free. If you have any questions about Chinese astrology including your zodiac sign, compatible signs, Feng Shui, how to choose auspicious dates, predict baby's gender with baby gender chart or predict your future, etc., just ask here freely. Hope you could find funs and secrets of Chinese astrology and live luckily and happily.