How to Make Good Luck in Your Zodiac Year - Rabbit Beware in 2023!

2023 year of the Rabbit is the zodiac year (Ben Ming Nian) for the people under the Rabbit sign. According to the Chinese culture, people are easy to Fan Tai Sui (Clash with Tai Sui, the Grand Duke Jupiter) in their zodiac year. They will probably have bad luck in life. No matter in career, health or personal affection, it doesn’t go very smoothly. So, they have to be careful with everything. What should beware of for the Rabbit in 2023? What should Rabbits do to get through the year well? 
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What Should the Rabbit People Beware of in 2023?

1. As an old saying goes ‘There is always no luck but misfortunes for the one who clash with Tai Sui in a year’. The direction of Tai Sui is located at northeast and the direction damaging Tai Sui is southwest. You Rabbits should pay attention to the two directions in particular. The direction of Tai Sui should be kept clean and never has sundries all year round. It’s really disrespectful to the Grand Duke Jupiter if the location is in a great a mess. Also, it will do harm to the family’s health and personal affection. Also, the direction of Jupiter can’t be broken ground, or it will bring disasters. If you can't get away with the construction, you need to find an auspicious time for breaking ground.
2. Don’t suppress the direction in north and west with heavy items, such as heavy furniture and so on. If the direction of Tai Sui is pressed, it will annoy the Jupiter thus bring disasters to the family. 
3. You should take care of personal safety in 2023, especially the disadvantaged groups such as the old, children and pregnant women. Influenced by clashing Tai Sui in the animal year, your body is much vulnerable to be damaged. The likelihood of accidents increases dramatically. As a result, you should try to avoid high-risk activities in the animal year.
4. You should better not to hang wind chimes in the bedroom. Because from the perspective of Feng Shui, wind chimes have strong Yin Qi. It will greatly influence the owner’s Qi and disturb the mind.

How to Improve Luck For Rabbit People In 2023?

1. Wear Lucky Charms for Rabbit: In 2023, it’s suggested to wear a lucky charm bracelet to help ward off the evil spirit and bring good luck. You can buy one from YourChineseAstrology Store
2. Wear Red: Most of the people choose to dress themselves in red in the animal year, which is the most common action since the ancient times. In the eyes of Chinese, red always represents good luck and happiness. You can choose to wear red clothes or red lucky charms to exorcise evil spirits, protect body and bring good luck in 2023 zodiac year. 
3. Wear Pi Xiu: Pi Xiu is a Chinese mythical wild animal that could drive away evil spirits and bring happiness and good luck. During rat’s zodiac year of birth, it’s auspicious to wear Pi Xiu. 
4. Take More Showers: You can choose to take more showers before attending some important activities or exams. Water is the source of wealth, which can help you increase fortune. Meanwhile, it can help you relieve fatigue and put the mind and body in a state of relaxation in order to give full play to your talents. 
5. Keep Positive: The fortune of the pig people is really rough in the zodiac year. Always stay positive is very important. Think calmly when confront difficulties and deal with them cautiously. Never be impulsive. Remember to do a summary and have self-reflection after you finish the things.

6. Put Green Plants at Tai Sui Direction: You can put some green plants which have strong vitality in the north and west in 2023. This will be favored by Tai Sui thus bring good luck to the whole family. 

Is It Good to Give Birth To A Baby In The Animal Year 2023?

Many Rabbit people plan to give birth to an “rabbit baby” in their animal year. However, you may worry that it will be bad for your fortune to have baby in the animal year. Does it really do harm to the fortune if the Rabbit people have baby in Rabbit year? The answer is no. It’s completely okay to give birth to a baby in the animal year. It will not only bring no negative effect on fortune but also have positive effect on it. It’s a happy event to have a baby, which can increase luck and drive disasters. Also, it will improve the whole family’s fortune. 

Can Rabbit People Start Up Business in The Zodiac Year 2023?

2023 is Rabbit people’s zodiac year. As they clash Tai Sui, the whole year’s fortune will be unstable. To the Rabbits, being still is better than being active in the year. But fortunately, there will be saviors do much help to you. So, you could turn the corner or turn calamities into blessings in the end. If you have already prepared sufficiently and done the market research well, it’s feasible to start up business in 2023. Just to be ready for a lot of frustration. In trouble, you should face difficulties and never give up halfway. Now that choose to start the business, you should hold on to the end.

How to Bring Good Luck?

As Ben Ming Nian is thought to be a bad year that would suffer a lot of misfortunes in Chinese custom, how to bring good luck on Ben Ming Nian? Here are some popular ways. 

Wear Red: The Chinese people have worshiped the color red from the ancient time. They think the red are auspicious color that can protect them and drive away those bad lucks and evil spirits. Therefore, during the Ben Ming Nian, the Chinese people usually wear red including red belt, shoes, socks, insoles, clothes and underwear to pursue good fortune and avoid disaster. Also, they usually wear red ribbon which is regarded as lucky ribbon around the wrist. For some ornaments, they would rope them with silken cord and take it at any time during the year of their birth sign.


Can Rabbit People Attend the Funeral In 2023?

The whole year’s fortune of Rabbit people is worrying. It’s hard to foretell the weal and woe. So, you’d better not to visit a patient and attend the funeral. The occasions such as hospital and funeral, etc. contains harmful magnetic field. If the you rush into these places, you will be stained with the bad field, which has a greatly bad influence on fortune. But, if the funeral is your close kin’s, you have to attend. While you can choose to wear Rabbit’s lucky mascot to attend to decrease the bad effect.

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