5 Items to Keep Under Your Pillow for Good Luck

The Chinese old people often say: "Put 5 things under the pillow, and you will be on the road to success", which means that if you keep these five things under the pillow, you can really "sleep soundly and worry-free" and make a lot of money.

What are the 5 things you should put under the pillow for money and good luck?

1. Books
Whether in the past or in the future, books are the key to changing destiny in the eyes of each of people. "Learning is above doing any other things", from ancient times to the present, from ancient times to the present, the older generations have believed that from books, people can gain the power of wisdom and improve knowledge and abilities. Placing books under the pillow means that the knowledge in the book will enter our minds and we can absorb and utilize the knowledge in the book well. Putting books under the pillow is a custom with beautiful meanings, implying that good lucky in exam and the study progresses. Once the knowledge is enriched and the destiny changes, the wallet will naturally bulge.

Brass Copper Gourd Pendant with Chinese Knots2. Gourd
"Gourd" is homophonic to "Fu Lu" in Chinese (meaning good fortune), and many people like to decorate gourds at home. The gourd has a round and beautiful appearance, representing "blooming flowers and full moon", and symbolizing "reunion". In addition, it implies "both fortune and luck", which has a very beautiful meaning, so it is very popular among people. Keep a small gourd under the pillow is a prayer for good luck. Leaning it under the head is equivalent to having "Fu Lu" (good fortune) as a backer.

Red Rope Bracelet3. Red Rope or Red Envelope
Red accessories, such as red rope bracelets, red envelopes, etc., have beautiful meanings. Red symbolizes good luck, can eliminate disasters and evil spirits, and also represents joy. Putting a red envelope under the pillow means protecting wealth. Red rope accessories can also bring better fortune, representing good luck, and foreshadowing that the future fortune will be continuous and profits will pour in from all sides.
Five-Emperor Coins 4. Copper Coins
According to the folk sayings, placing copper coins or coins under or inside the pillow has the meaning of "attracting fortune and wealth" and the function of guarding the house. Putting coins or copper coins under the pillow means that the "pillow" has money, representing your family, and the future source of wealth is rolling, which is also a beautiful blessing. You can put the Five Emperors' Coins under your pillow. The Five Emperors' Coins refer to the coins circulated during the reigns of Emperors Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong and Jiaqing. The coins were well-cast and circulated for a long time, and they were the essence of "heaven, earth and man". They have the functions of exorcising evil spirits, bringing prosperity and luck, and preventing villains. So putting them under pillow can help people with good luck. You can also put 6 or 8 coins under your pillow, because 6 represents smoothness. While, the homonym of 8 is "fa", which means getting rich, and is a very auspicious number.
5. Jade
Because jade had a magical effect of resisting evil in ancient times, in ancient times, Chinese people usually put jade items under their pillows, and now many people put jade ornaments, such as necklaces and earrings. Jade is also a symbol of nobility. In ancient times, everyone believed that jade was made by absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, and that it was a spiritual item. If you put it under your pillow, when you sleep, negative emotions will be absorbed by the jade, and then the jade will release positive energy. Putting jade under the pillow can enhance one's aura for people who work and do business, making work smoother and money naturally coming into the pocket.

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