Marriage Bazi Matching and Analysis

Marriage Matching by Bazi

Marriage matching by Bazi is an old custom which means a man and a woman exchange the birth chart before marriage to check while they are matching by eight characters. ''Matching'' means the harmony of five elements in both parties' Bazi and it refers to the detailed study on whether the man and the woman's birth years and fortune are in conflict. From this, their future marriage life could be reckoned and reasonable suggestions would be put forward to prevent an unhappy marriage and to improve the quality of marriage.

Bazi Marriage Compatibility Calculator

What are the basic points of marriage matching by Bazi? Traditionally, year stem is the priority and getting married with someone over 6 years older is not suggested. For example, if a woman is born in a Horse year, she cannot be matched with a man born in a Rat year - because in Chinese zodiac, Horse belongs to fire while Rat belongs to water, and the two signs are incompatible with each other.

Year pillar belongs to Grandparents Palace and day pillar is the Marriage Palace. Since husband and wife are the basic elements of marriage, it is proved by fate analysis practice that many couples with conflicting stem and branch in year pillars can manage to live together till old age. But if their stem and branch in day pillars conflict, it is generally hard to live together till old age. As a result, a man and a woman with conflicting stem and branch in day pillars are not suggested to get married, especially if it happens to both sun and moon day pillars in which case the marriage would be in crisis within three years or they even could not get married. So do not take it lightly. If some couples are predicted to have this kind of problem by sun and moon day pillars, the only solution will be asking a qualified six-pillar forecaster for necessary adjustment.

In addition, the pros and cons in both parties' birth chart shall also be matched. For example, if a woman lacks of metal in four or six pillars, then a man born in the 7th or 8th lunar month of Monkey or Rooster year will be the good match, and so on.

Common Methods

Evil Spirit Matching
It means the matching by evil spirits in Bazi. If a certain evil spirit in the man's eight characters restricts the woman's, the marriage is not suggested and vice versa. It turns out that the approach is very forward looking.

Zodiac Matching
In this approach, a man and a woman with offending, harming and punishing year stems are not matching; if their year stems are compatible or interpromoting, they are matching in marriage.

→ Compatible Zodiac Goups
Three Harmonies:
1. Rat, Dragon, Monkey  2. Ox, Snake, Rooster  3. Tiger, Horse, Dog  4. Rabbit, Sheep, Pig
Six Harmonies: 1. Rat and Ox   2. Tiger and Pig   3. Rabbit and Dog   4. Dragon and Rooster  5. Snake and Monkey  6. Horse and Sheep

→ Offending Groups of Zodiac
1. Rat and Horse   2. Ox and Sheep   3. Tiger and Monkey   4. Rabbit and Rooster  5. Dragon and Dog  6. Snake and Pig

→ Harming Groups of Zodiac
1. Rat and Sheep   2. Ox and Horse   3. Tiger and Snake   4. Rabbit and Dragon  5. Monkey and Pig  6. Rooster and Dog

→ Punishment Groups
1. Rat and Rabbit   2. Tiger, Snake and Monkey   3. Sheep, Rat and Dog  4.Dragon and Dragon  5. Horse and Horse  6. Rooster and Rooster  7. Pig and Pig

Star Matching
Everyone has evil stars in the Eight Characters, which shall avoid too much ''peach blossom'' (luck with the opposite sex); if a woman has too many evil stars like ''Hong Yan'' and ''Liu Xia'', it will be inauspicious. Birth on a day with too much Yin or Yang is also adverse to marriage.

Year Pillar Method
It means the matching of marriage with the year pillars of man and woman. If both the stem and branch in year pillars are compatible or interpromoting, then the marriage is auspicious. On the contrary, if the stem and branch are conflicting or restricting, the marriage will be inauspicious.

Remedy Stem or Branch
If the remedy stems or branches in the Eight Characters are helpful to each other, the marriage will be auspicious; on the contrary, it is inauspicious.

Four Pillars Matching
Arrange the Eight Characters of man and woman in the order of year to year, month to month, day to day and hour to hour. If the compatible and the interpromoting are in the majority, the marriage will be auspicious; if the conflicting, torturing and restricting are in the majority, then the marriage is basically inauspicious.

Five Elements Matching
This matching method is based on five elements. The interpromoting or same five elements are the best. For example, those belonging to wood in five elements are suggested to marry water or fire people; those belonging to metal are suggested to marry water or earth people; fire for wood or earth, and earth for metal or fire. In addition, those belonging to earth are also matching with each other.

In terms of fate analysis, man is Yang while woman is Yin. If the birth year of a man belongs to metal and Yang while the birth year of a woman belongs wood and Yin, the two elements will be inter-restricting, which means the matching is not auspicious but unnecessary to divorce. But if the birth year of a man belongs to metal and Yang while the birth year of a woman belongs wood and Yang, it will be less auspicious than the previous matching. This is because women born in Yang years are generally too unyielding and enterprising.

Pros and Cons Matching
In marriage matching, the best situation is that the Eight Characters of man and woman are complementary to each other in the following conditions: stems and branches interpromoting to each other; fate pattern not harmful to each other; fortune stems and braches beneficial to each other; misfortune stems and braches convertible to the fortune one of the other side; misfortune stems and braches controlled by the other's fate pattern; Eight Characters not harming to the other's children star; combined fate patterns not harming to the other's previous good fortune.

Face Reading
The matching of marriage can also be judged by face reading. For example, the nose, eyes and cheekbone shape can be read to tell whether a man and a woman are matching in marriage and whether they can bring good luck to each other.

Chinese Calendar

31廿二/22 1廿三/23 2廿四/24 3廿五/25 4廿六/26 5廿七/27 6廿八/28
7廿九/29 8三十/30 三月 (Mar) 9初壹/1 10初二/2 11初三/3 12初四/4 13初五/5
14初六/6 15初七/7 16初八/8 17初九/9 18初十/10 19十壹/11 20十二/12
21十三/13 22十四/14 23十五/15 24十六/16 25十七/17 26十八/18 27十九/19
28二十/20 29廿壹/21 30廿二/22 1廿三/23 2廿四/24 3廿五/25 4廿六/26

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