Three Face Proportions in Face Reading

Three proportions refer to the three parts of your face being divided horizontally.

1. ''上停'' (shàng tíng, upper proportion) refers to the forehead between the hairline and eyebrows and it indicates the fortune, wisdom, study and elder strength in youth.
2. ''中停'' (zhōng tíng, middle proportion) refers to the part between the eyebrows and the end of nose and it represents the career, marriage and personal efforts in middle age.
3. ''下停'' (xià tíng, lower proportion) refers to the space between the philtrum (including) and the chin and it suggests the peace, children relationship and life in later years.

Upper Proportion represents your fortune from the age 15 to 30. If the Upper Proportion is broad, raised, radiant and scar-less, it suggests the good fortune, less illness, rich family and parents' care in youth. On the contrary, the sharp and imperfect Upper Proportion indicates the poor fortune in youth.

Middle Proportion represents your fortune from the age 31 to 50 and it is the most important part. The Upper Proportion symbolizes the congenital while the Middle represents the results of personal efforts. The bright eyes, graceful eyebrows, thick cheekbone and nose represent the strong will and abundant vigor. If you have a high and straight nose with plump apex sides and thick cheekbones, it means you have the enterprising spirit and can bear hardships and stand hard work. If you are a woman with high cheekbones and a big nose, however, it indicates that you have a strong personality, are independent and often quarrel with your husband. On the contrary, the short Middle Proportion represents the weak will and poor fortune in middle age, as well as the indecisive attitude making it hard to succeed.

Lower Proportion represents your fortune after the age 51. The full and straight Lower Proportion indicates the happy and rich life in later years while the long, thin and sharp suggests the poor later years without happiness and family property despite the hard work throughout the life.

The face with mean proportions is the ideal as it suggests the comfortable and worry-free life. However, it is not enough to read only the three proportions; the five sense organs should also be considered. If you have languid eyes, saddle nose and wry mouth, the mean proportions will not help.

Following conclusions can be drawn from reading the three proportions:
If you have better Middle and Lower Proportions than Upper Proportion, it indicates the busy life in youth and the prosperous life after middle age;
If you have straight and thick Middle Proportion and ill-defined Lower Proportion, it symbolizes the successful middle age but bitter life in later years;
If you have better Lower Proportion than Middle and Upper Proportions, it represents the great mind maturing slowly.