Feng Shui Kitchen Stove

Feng Shui Kitchen Stove Taboos

1. The kitchen stove should avoid black and red colors since red belongs to fire and the stove also belongs to fire in five elements, forming fire on fire which is harmful. From the perspective of color psychology, red should be avoided because it easily makes people bad-tempered, so is black.

2. The stove should not face the kitchen door; otherwise, the family is prone to bad luck, unstable emotion and frequent quarrel.

3. The stove should not face the bedroom door, or the family health will be affected. The solution is changing the position of the stove or closing the kitchen door.

4. The stove should lean against the wall rather than the open space. It is ominous for the stove leaning against a window.

5. The stove should not have the opposite direction with the home. For example, it is ominous if the house is north-facing while the stove is south-facing.

6. The stove should not be installed on the water pipe because it belongs to fire while the water pipe is for water drainage; fire and water are incompatible, hence they should not be close to each other.

7. The stove should not face the sink directly, or the fire and water restriction may lead to career setbacks and marital conflicts. Also, the stove should not face the refrigerator, a place of storage and wealth accumulation which belongs to water and should avoid the fire attack; otherwise, the family will suffer from health problems.

8. The stove should not face the Buddha statue in the house, or it is the disrespect to the Buddha statue, which will bring bad luck to the family.  

9. The stove should not be placed in the west. In Feng Shui theory, the "metal" in the west is constricted by the "fire" of the stove, thus ominous. In addition, the food cooked with the stove may go bad easily under the west sunlight and make you get sick after eating.

10. The stove should not have a beam above. If it has a smoke exhauster above, however, the adverse impact on the family health will be resolved.

11. The stove should not face a mirror which blocks the God of Wealth. If there is a mirror in your kitchen, make sure it does not face the stove.

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