How to Place Refrigerator for Good Feng Shui?

As an essential household appliance, refrigerator keeps food fresh and has a certain impact on your family's luck. Read on to find out how to place your refrigerator for good luck in Feng Shui.

Refrigerator is Good for the Metal Person

In Five Elements, refrigerator belongs to metal. If metal is beneficial for you in fate analysis, refrigerator is undoubtedly the best remedy. In daily life, you can open and close the refrigerator in your home to improve your luck.
If you desperately need metal in fate analysis, you may place a refrigerator in your office to hold food and absorb good luck. If your fate prefers to metal and water and your luck for career is less than satisfactory, you may place a refrigerator in your office and fill it with ice water, beer, ice cream, milk and the like to form a metal-water pattern for yourself. If metal is harmful to you when it comes to fate analysis, however, you'd better not have a refrigerator around. Some companies put the refrigerators in concealed places, which is actually out of the consideration of Five Elements rather than for the sake of aesthetic, because metal is harmful to the bosses.
In the hotel rooms, the fridge is usually contained in a wooden cabinet. If metal is harmful to you in fate analysis, you may refer to the practice as it is the best for you.

Where to place the Refrigerator?

In general, the refrigerator is placed in the kitchen. If there is enough space, you'd better put your fridge in the kitchen. Since kitchen is a place where fire dominates and fire restrains metal, the fridge's metal property will be restrained by the kitchen while the fridge will consume the fire property of the kitchen, which is good for the balance of Five Elements in your kitchen and can bring you good luck in making money. However, remember that do not have your refrigerator door face the stove directly.
If your refrigerator is in the living room, do not have it face to the kitchen, or it may cause family disputes and conflicts.

Location of the Refrigerator

Fridge belongs to metal and shall be put in the direction of the family member who also belongs to metal. Check the table below for the placement of your refrigerator.
Family Member Belonging to Metal Position of Refrigerator in Kitchen or Living Room
Father Northwest
Mother Southwest
Eldest Son East
Eldest Daughter Southeast
Second  Daughter South
Second Son North
Youngest Daughter West
Youngest Son Northeast

How to choose the color of the refrigerator?

The color of fridge can alleviate its impact on your fate to a certain extent, and likewise, improve your luck if your fate prefers to metal. The relation between colors and five elements is as follows: 
metal: white and milk white series; 
wood: cyan, green and azure green series; 
water: dark and blue series; 
fire: red and purple series; 
earth: yellow and earthy yellow series. 
If metal is harmful to your fate, you may choose red and purple series belonging to fire or green series belonging to wood to weaken the metal effect of fridge and the adverse impact on your luck. If metal is beneficial for you in fate analysis, you may choose white and milk white series or yellow and earthy yellow series because earth generates metal and can further promote your good luck.

Size of the Refrigerator

The size of refrigerator is closely associated with the area of your kitchen or living room and shall be directly proportional to the latter, or it may cause money dispute. For a large kitchen or living room, you'd better choose a double-door refrigerator while for a small kitchen or living room, you'd better choose a single-door fridge.

Feng Shui Taboos for Refrigerator

1. Fridge belongs to water while stove belongs to fire. Since fire and water are incompatible, the refrigerator shall not be close to the stove. The fridge releases cool air while the stove emits the hot, which will affect your gastrointestinal health and cause family conflicts.
2. The refrigerator shall not be opposite to your door; otherwise, the opposite airflow will cause the instable luck for wealth, even financial losses. When you open the refrigerator, it will release a mass of cool air and if the refrigerator faces your door, it will interfere with the air inside your room, causing an adverse effect on your family and lead to financial losses.
3. Do not put other appliances or sundries on the refrigerator. Some people would put the microwave oven, oven, juicer, soybean milk maker and other small appliances on the refrigerator. In terms of Feng Shui, the electromagnetism released by the appliances could stir the air around and bring adverse effect to your health. Piling up sundries is bad for accumulating a fortune. Keep the top of your refrigerator clean and tidy.
4. In daily life, you are suggested to clean up the refrigerator regularly, so as to reduce the reproduction and breeding of bacteria and to promote your luck for wealth.
5. Do not empty your refrigerator which is closely related to your family's diet. The plenty of food in fridge suggests no worry about food or clothing. If it is always empty, you will be in poor economy.