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hi, is it ok for my gas stove to face my laundry room door?If not, what remedy should i do? Im in the midst of renovation and am still thinking how to avoid it.. should i let my part of my kitchen counter top facing the door, and the stove facing on the side of laundry door? Will that work? I would prefer to put the stove closer to the wall instead of fixing it to the middle of my kitchen top. Thank you..
I dont think its feasible to place my gas stove on the other end of my kitchen, as its facing on the side wall of the toilet and has no window nearby, and is directly facing my dinning room and table... thank you

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Hi ann c,

It's not good that your gas stove to face your laundry room door. It will not good for your health and may cause disharmony in your family. The best way is to always close the doors of the laundry room and kitchen. Have a green plant in your kitchen. Or hung a mirror at the laundry room door to reflect bad Qi.
Thank you,so I have to always close the laundry door and do i hang the mirror above the laundry door, so it reflect the gas stove?
Where should I place the plants?thanks
Just hang a small mirror above the laundry door to reflect the gas stove.

Just place the green plant on the Kitchen cabinet is okay.

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