9 Balcony Feng Shui Taboos

1. The balcony shall not face the front door directly.
It is a taboo in Feng Shui to have your front door facing the balcony, because it is adverse to family privacy, cannot accumulate fortune and goes against your family fortune. If your front door is facing the balcony directly, you can hang a curtain, build a partition wall or put a fish tank, potted plant or vine to solve the problem.
2. The balcony shall not face the kitchen directly.
As an open area, the balcony is serves as the port of evil spirit and vitality getting in and out. If your kitchen is facing the balcony, the evil spirits will affect the kitchen and your health. In Feng Shui, such a pattern also weakens the reunion of family and makes the couple prone to illegal love affairs and the children unwilling to go home. If floor-to-ceiling windows are designed at your balcony, you should draw the curtains, install a door between the balcony and kitchen or place a screen or cabinet to separate. In a word, do not let the balcony directly open to the kitchen.
3. The balcony shall not face a sharp corner.
In Feng Shui, sharp corner is considered inauspicious. A balcony facing a sharp corner of a building will make your family restless and prone to diseases and disasters. Therefore, you should try to solve the problem by placing a screen or curtain at the balcony door. Thick curtains and frosted cellophanes are also good choices, which can reduce the sharp corners outside. According to Feng Shui theories, plants can drive away evil spirits. Some plants on your terrace can solve the problem of sharp corners and make the air clean.
4. The balcony shall not face a road that leads up to it.
Such a pattern and Qi field is very unfavorable to your fortune. A road that leads up to your balcony is just like a tiger running to you directly, which suggests the unexpected financial losses of your family. Also, you will be disturbed by the noise and have your health affected. You can solve the problem by putting a convex mirror on either side of the balcony.
5. The balcony shall not face the interspace between two buildings.
A narrow interspace between two buildings are just like a sword which cuts the space in half, which indicates the bloody disaster. If your balcony is facing the interspace, it will be harmful to you and your family. You may solve the problem by putting a copper turtle on either side of the balcony.
6. The balcony shall not face a street corner.
There are both straight and bent streets in cities. If the street in front of your house is bent and the corner is facing your balcony, it will be like a bow which is shooting to your house, thus very harmful. The solution is setting a pergola with vines or placing potted plants to separate. 
7. The balcony shall not face a building with too much Yin.
Some buildings, such as temple, hospital, mortuary house and graveyard, are full of Yin and impose an adverse influence on the surrounding Feng Shui. If your balcony faces such a building, it will be harmful to your family fortune, and you may place some items with more Yang to solve the problem.
8. The balcony shall not face an overly majestic building.
A majestic building itself has the great Qi field, which stabilizes itself but causes a pressure to surroundings. Your balcony facing such a building is under the pressure and causes a negative effect to the house Feng Shui.
9. The balcony shall not be hollow.
Both the fully enclosed structure and the hollow structure with simple balusters shall be avoided in your balcony. At present, the hollowed-out balcony is quite popular for the sake of ventilation, lighting and European style. In fact, the design, same with floor-to-ceiling window, is a taboo in Feng Shui as it makes the space below hollow, which will lead to money losses and limited family number. The best structure is one third solid wall at the lower and two thirds glass window at the upper. Also, open the windows frequently. In this way, the space below won't be hollow and the port of Qi absorption won't be closed.

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