Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Taboos

The kitchen decoration Feng Shui has strict rules while the color selection is very important in the Feng Shui of kitchen decoration. Do you know the taboos of kitchen color in Feng Shui?

Kitchen Cabinet Colors
At first, you have to know the kitchen belongs to fire in five elements. According to the principle of generation among five elements, the cupboard should select the color belonging to wood, such as green and burly wood, to conform to the Feng Shui principle of wood generating fire. Following are listed the colors belonging to different elements:
Water: Blue, Black, Grey
Fire: Pink, Orange, Red
Metal: White, Golden, Silver
Wood: Cyan, Green
Earth: Yellow, Brow

1. Avoid Black and Blue Cabinet
Black and blue belong to water which is incompatible with fire. So the black and blue cabinet can put out the fire of cooking range, leading to bad luck of the family. Generally, light and bright colors like white and green should be used as the main color.

2. Avoid White, Metal Color and Silver Grey
White, metal color and silver grey belong to metal in five elements while the kitchen belongs to fire; fire restricts metal. However, it is the cabinet that is restricted rather than the kitchen which is a symbol the family's wealth. Therefore, the white, metal color and silver grey is neither ominous nor auspicious.

3. Avoid Yellow
Yellow belongs to earth in five elements while the kitchen belongs to fire. According to the principle of fire generating earth, the earth is generated but the fire is consumed, so the yellow cabinet consumes the kitchen and it is inadvisable to choose yellow cabinet or yellow tile to decorate the kitchen.

Floor Colors

Being used for cooking, stewing, etc., the kitchen usually has a higher temperature, so the cool colors, such as white, light green and light grey, should be selected for the floor tile. Also, cooking in the kitchen makes you feel boring while the light color tiles make you feel the space is expanded, hence you are unlikely feel depressed.
Following colors should be avoided when you choose the kitchen floor tile: firstly, black since it represents the turbidity. Although black is the symbol of the earth, it affects the kitchen hygiene. Secondly, red: this is easy to understand because fire on fire is not a good sign, similar with the fact that the kitchen should not be in the south of the house. Modern kitchen ground mostly uses the white tiles because white belongs to metal which generates water. To a certain degree, this balances fire and water in the kitchen and changes the incompatible situation between fire and water into the mutual supporting. In addition, white always represents sanctity and cleanness and it reveals the dirty part immediately, thus the white floor tile is more suitable for the kitchen. Although white is good, not everyone is suitable for this color, such as those who should stay away from metal or water in their life. If they choose the white floor tiles, they will have their fortune blocked.

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