Cures for a centrally located kitchen that can't be moved right now


My house faces almost exactly West. My husband's Kua (main income maker) is a 3 (I'm a 2). Our house is in an L shape with the kitchen on the inside of the L. So it's middle if you square the house out for the Bagua. When you open the front door there is a small living room and directly ahead is an open kitchen with a stove in the island, while cooking you're almost looking directly at the front door (line of sight is directly with the hinges of the front door). Add to that we have sloped ceilings that are made of wood that are stained a dark color and black beams (one right over the stove) and the south wall of the kitchen shares a wall with our only bathroom. Can anyone please help and tell me what colors to look at painting my cabinets and walls?(The countertops are black and cannot change right now) Should I also paint our wood ceilings and beams white? (It is heavy and oppressing). Please help. All I keep reading is how bad the placement of the kitchen is, the stove in line sight of the door, beam over stove, etc. etc. I've been trying to figure this out for almost a year (when we moved here). Besides potential colors is there any other cures I could place?

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