2015 Horoscope for the Rat

Years of the Rat: 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008. You can verify your zodiac sign by using the above 'Find Your Zodiac' tool.

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Following are 2015 horoscope predictions for the Rat born in different years:

2015 Horoscope for the Rat Born in 1936

Please note that the prediction is for people born between January 24, 1936 and February 10, 1937. If you were born before January 24, 1936, please consult the 1935 Chinese Zodiac, which is year of the Pig.

2015, year of the Sheep, is a lucky year in career for the Rat people born in 1936. You are intelligent and will be appreciated by others greatly this year. As you are a man of real learning, you can gain great reputation and be remarkably successful in your career filed. Besides, you bring up your children well and can win the approval of the people around you. However, there may be some disagreement with your love in your daily life. So, you may quarrel with each other because of the difference on trivial matters. If you can show more tolerance and understanding, things will be better this year.

2015 Horoscope for the Rat Born in 1948

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 10, 1948 and January 28, 1949.

You should pay much attention to your health in 2015. You should prepare that you may suffer from some illness or sometimes get unexpected hurt. So, be careful when going out and watch out your diet. Also it’s important to take care of your emotional and mental health this year. You may find that you are easy to be irritable especially to your children. Therefore, you’d better learn to control your mood. In terms of wealth, there is no bad sign. But you should learn to control your daily expenses and never engage in gambling. Or you may loss some money this year. For male Rat who manages businesses with others, you can earn much but never forget yourself in excitement. Consider carefully before investing. You can consider purchasing real estate as your investment. February, May, August, September and December of Chinese lunar month are those period you should pay much attention to your finance. In career, it will go smoothly at the beginning and end of the year. During the midyear, you will encounter some difficulties. If you have some ambitious plans, you can try to carry it out this year.

2015 Horoscope for the Rat Born in 1960

Note: The prediction is for people born between January 28, 1960 and February 14, 1961.

It’s predicted that your health condition is not so satisfactory in 2015. You are easy to get injured by some sharp tools such as knifes and scissors. If there is any discomfort, seek medical advice immediately or it may cause more serious disease. Avoid social activities and indulgence in food and alcoholic drink. To relieve your too much pressure, traveling is a good choice. The male should take care of your digestive system this year. 2015 is a year full of ventures and chances for you in career. You should prepare for a busy year and work positively. There will be inevitably obstructions preventing you to have a major breakthrough. As long as you go forward tenaciously, you can still have a certain amount of harvest. Also, you should deliberate in your speech and action. There are many social events you will engage in. However you should avoid it affecting your love life. When comes to wealth, you are pretty well this year. But you still should be alert in case of someone pocketing your money. At the end of the year, you can get great harvest if you don’t waste your money.


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2015 Horoscope for the Rat Born in 1972

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 15, 1972 and February 2, 1973.

It’s predicted that you Rat people born in 1972 can enjoy a very good fortune in career during 2015. There will be a lot of good news for you as you are always diligent in work. If you care more about your friend, you can get their help for your work in return. In finance, it is a good year of saving. You can get a good harvest from investment. For some important matters, you’d better do it yourself in case there is any money loss. Remind that avoid giving a loan to your friends because it may hard to call it back. In health, you may have some illness this year. And you should especially pay attention to your kidney this year. In love relationship, it will be average but better than last year. For those who depart last year, you could start a new love with your effort. Although your love will not go very smoothly, it can turn better gradually after July.


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2015 Horoscope for the Rat Born in 1984

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 2, 1984 and February 19, 1985.

In general, you will have few worries about your health in 2015. However, you are suggested to avoid visiting a patient or attending a funeral this year. If you have time, you’d better do a general physical examination. In summer time, pay special attention to your urinary system and kidney. In love relationship, you should be careful and void involving into extramarital affairs. During the year, negotiate and spend more time with your love and children can make you live in great harmony. If you plan to marry this year, it’s not suggested. In career, you could make some progress. Although there will be great pressure, you are lucky to have a chance to get job promotion. It’s inevitable that there are disagreements and disputes between you and your colleagues. So, you should try your best to get along well with them. Also, you will be popular among them this year. If there is any difficulty, you’d better seek help from your leaders or elders. When comes to health, you can enjoy a good fortune especially for those born in winter time. However, you should still be careful about any loss caused by being stolen or robbed.


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2015 Horoscope for the Rat Born in 1996

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 19, 1996 and February 6, 1997.

You will have a big pressure no matter in study or work during 2015. As the year of Sheep is not good for Rat, you will be not so lucky in study this year. You may find it’s hard to make any progress and easy to be affected by external interference. Remind that don’t play petty tricks in study or work, or things will be worse. In love, there will be emotional changes this year. So, for those in school, you’d better concentrate on study and don’t devote too much time on love. In 2015, you should hold your mouth and avoid conflicting with others. As for health, it will be average. Watch your diet and avoid eating raw or cold food as illness finds its way in by the mouth. In addition, be careful to be injured by those sharp tools. If possible, do a physical examination to make sure you are healthy.


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