The Female Sheep/Goat in Love

Highly patient and tender, female Sheep give top priority to security and they yearn for love. Once start a relationship, girls born in Sheep years would get extremely patient and their wooers have to start from dribs and drabs of life and pay out gradually to win their devoted love. In terms of personality, Sheep women are very similar with Scorpions who are persistent in love and indifferent to the outsiders' view. In their opinion, this is a kind of respect for love.

Female Sheep's Attitude towards Love

Female sheep are rich in emotion and particularly longing for good family life. They would put heart and soul into each relationship and devote affection unconditionally since they go after the marriage. The weak character, however, often makes them disillusioned. What's more, they are so persistent that they won't let it go even if they see the true features, thus finally get hurt.

How Should Female Sheep Maintain Love Relationship?

Bothered about personal gains or losses, women under the Sheep sign focus too much on the time together and they need the company of their boyfriends all the time due to the lack of security. Only in this way can they be free from other worries. The clingy mentality cannot drive away their loneliness but make their boyfriends fed up with them and become stressful and weighed down. Think about it, who can stay together all the day without separation? No one can. Life is realistic and everyone has to be running for it. Sheep girls are suggested to give each other space because love does not mean the company at any moment.

How to Know How Much a Female Sheep Loves You

The indecisive and sensitive female Sheep can become irritable and confused and lose judgment when problems crop up. If you find your Sheep girl is no longer bound by subjective fantasy and become unprecedentedly independent and strong rather than escape from and turn a blind eye to the problems or hardships in love, it means she has taken you as the sweetheart and the one she wants to marry.

What Kind of Men Do Sheep Women Like?

1) Decisive Men
The elegant, kind and generous women born in Sheep years often help people around in daily life yet sometimes can be timid and incapable of saying ''no''. They hope to marry men who are decisive and can give them advice when they are in hesitation. Hence, Sheep girls prefer the decisive men who can insist on their own ideas to those who are childish and irresponsible. 
2) Melancholy Men
For the kind-hearted and helpful Sheep women, the melancholy men can inspire their motherhood and open their hearts. This is why they have no immunity to melancholy men and dislike the rigid and inflexible men. 
3) Passionate and Warm Men
Female Sheep like sports and challenges and they like the enthusiastic and optimistic men who like smile and sports and dislike those who are pessimistic and serious in speech and manner. 

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