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My husband is sheep, born on 24 September, 1979. He is trying hard to return to home country for job? when that will happen? please reply.

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His birthday on Chinese lunar calendar is August 4,1979 and he is under the animal sign of Sheep.

In 2017, the terrible change of luck will hardly provide him any power on career development and he may face the position change, thus should be psychologically prepared. Change means opportunity and it doesn't mean the position change will only bring bad luck to him. If he can seize the fleeting opportunity, he will be able to reverse the poor luck for career at the moment and keeping a low profile will be the key. If he wants to change a job, this year will be unsuitable; even if he does want to change, he should find another first before resignation, so as to avoid the long and passive state of looking for a job.

Good luck.
Thank you.
Is the same true for me? I am born on 18 October, 1979, 4:25 pm. A sheep again. I am currently looking for job.

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