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Hello, i'm Lee 29 y. female. There are 2 things that occupied my mind these days, they are about work and my relationship with long time boyfriend. These year is pretty rough for rabbit, but is there any thing that i can do to get at least abit better fortune this year? How is my chance for getting a job? How is my love relationship fortune? It seems like my relationship is about to hit the bottom rock. Any advice for me regarding this? My boyfriend has also rabbit horoscope. Thank you.

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Hi Lee,

In 2017, you Rabbit will be unlikely to have good luck as you will oppose the Taisui who is the Grand Commander of the Year. What's more, your associated element Wood is restricted with the Rooster's element Metal which will bring you different types of bad luck and lead to the possible career setback or love crisis.

You are suggested to take the initiative to make changes and get ready for the coming problem.
Here are the astrology elements for you in 2017:
Auspicious Direction: Southeast, Northeast, North; Avoid: Northwest, Southwest
Lucky Colors: Orange, Yellow, White; Avoid: Green, Blue
Lucky Numbers: 3, 6
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Pig, Sheep, Dog; Harmful Zodiac Signs: Dragon, Rat, Rooster
Auspicious Direction for Love: North
Auspicious Direction for Wealth: Northeast
Auspicious Direction for Study: Southeast
Auspicious Direction for Career: West

Good luck

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