How I can chose my business launching date


Hello all

I have a question for the most experimented of you, maybe someone can help me.

My birth dates are: 23.01.1986 at 06:30 AM

So I intend to launch my business in the month of July, but how I can choose the right date for launching.

I know that month of July it's a Sheep month which it's the ox enemy (which it's my birth sign) so maybe because of that, I can have a slow start?

Also in the month of July, it's star 6 which arrives there, which it's the heaven luck star and I also think can be a good start.

So I really don't know when I should launch my business and how I can choose my best date.

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Hi Vixy,

You can choose July 2nd, 9th, 11th, 14th, 21th or 26th which are auspicious dates for grand opening for business.

If you want to avoid the Sheep month, you can choose August 22 or 23.

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