What is the best day to move into a NEW place next week for good luck?
My date of birth is November 3, 1986 Year of the Tiger.

On July 16th and 17th (2017) is the last quarter moon and afterwards is the waxing crescent moon. Will the moon affect my luck (Chinese Astrology and other stuff, I don't know)? The moon is getting smaller, is this a bad sign? Will this affect my luck in FENG SHUI?

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Hi Lin,

According to Chinese Almanac, July 21st and 23rd are two auspicious dates for you to move into the new house in the next week.

The moon doesn't affect your luck in Feng Shui. You new house location, layout affect.
Thank you, Maria. I asked a very important question (in the forum) in regard to the impact of moon phases when moving residence.

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