What Does a Star on Your Palm Mean?

Meanings of a Star at different Places on Palm

Fig 1
The stars on palm refer to the star-like pattern formed by three or more intersected short lines. The stars have varied auspicious or inauspicious implications subject to the location on the palm but mostly auspicious. Let's see the implications of stars at different locations on the palm.

At the Center of the Palm
The star at the center of the palm is an inauspicious sign which suggests that you will have bad luck and you are self-willed and reckless, thus easily suffer a failure out of impulsion but you will remedy if you can correct the mistake. (Fig 1)

On the Sun Line
If the star is on one side of the sun line, it suggests you will have special good luck and you may get windfall which will bring you happiness. If the star is at the center of the sun line, it suggests that you will have extremely good luck and often get help from others; you will have higher social status and fame after some efforts and you may become a renowned celebrity or successful person if your fate line is also good. (Fig 2)

On the Heart Line
The star on the heart line implies the sudden illness, accident or accidental injury and suggests that you will break up with your lover or partner because of various factors. (Fig 3)

On the Head Line
The star on the head line is an ominous sign implying the possible injury, disease, or trouble in work, especially the head injury or disease, such as migraine and headache. If the star is near the head line, it implies that you are intelligent, wise, quick-minded and resourceful. (Fig 4)

On the Fate Line
The star on the fate line suggests the change of fate, even the disaster or the death of parents in childhood. If the star is near the fate line, it suggests that you will make great achievements in work and you are good at management and leading. (Fig 5)

On the Life Line
The star on the life line implies the physical problem and you should pay more attention to prevent in time. If the life line is broken and there is a star at the broken part, it suggests that you will have serious disease and you should be careful. (Fig 6)

Fig 2

Fig 3

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Fig 7
On the Luna Mount
The star on the Luna mount is called canopy which represents talent and suggests that you are very intelligent, have high comprehension, literary, artistic or technical talent and you can learn everything quickly. Also, you will have high level and accomplishment in certain field or you will command one or several professional skills. Most of literary, artistic, academic, and technical personnel have this kind of stars. (Fig 7)

Below the Index Finger
The star on the Jupiter mount which is below the index finger is the most auspicious and it implies that you are smart, have good understanding, leading and management talent and you can comprehend by analogy; you will get success, wealth and great reputation after making great efforts and live a happy marriage life. The bigger the star, the more auspicious it is.

Fig 8
Below the Middle Finger
Unusually, the Saturn mount below the middle finger is the end point of the fate line. If the star is at the end of the fate line, it suggests that you are blessed in career and will make great achievements; if the star is at the top of the fate line and looks like a branch of the fate line, it indicates that you will make great achievements in many aspects. Of course, the star on the Saturn mount also suggests that you are self-willed and not good at conducting in the society, thus have few intimate friends and will be lonely in old age.

Below the Ring Finger
The star on the Apollo mount below the ring finger is a sign of outstanding talent and it suggests that you have special talent and often earn a lot of wealth from unexpected opportunities. If the star on the Apollo mount is connected with the marriage line, it suggests that you may get success from marriage; if it is connected with the sun line, it suggests that you may become famous and earn a fortune due to your creation or artistic talent. But this lucky sign sometimes disappears, so whether you can have the good luck or not depends on your preparation and your grasp of opportunity.

Below the Little Finger
The Mercury mount below the little finger is in charge of wealth. If the star is at this location, it often suggests that you have clear thinking, strong logic and good eloquence, so you will have good luck in wealth and good luck with the opposite sex.

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