Sign of Island Meaning in Chinese Palmistry

Island - A Negative Sign in Palmistry

An island on your palm means the hollow and isle-shaped mark on the main lines. In palmistry, island is a sign of obstruction and destruction which vary with the location. Islands are generally found on the main lines on palm and indicate the bad luck.

Island on Life Line

Fig 1
An island on the Life Line is adverse to health, especially in the middle of the Life Line, which is the worst sign of illness despite the good physical condition. If the island is big and located at the part which presents old age, it indicates the life risk. (Fig 1)

Island on Head Line

An island on the head line represents you are distracted and suffer a memory frustration. The larger the island is, the more serious your metal crisis is. The locations of the island convey different meanings:
● For an island below the Mount of Jupiter (located below the forefinger), it means you were born with a poor nutrition. Also, you couldn’t concentrate when doing things. (Fig 3)
● An island below the Mount of Saturn (located below the middle finger) means you are easy to get a headache and suffer from depression. Also, you are with a bad stomach and often suffer from a loss of appetite. (Fig 4)
● An island below the Mount of Apollo which is located below the ring finger shows you usually are weak-eyed.  (Fig 5)
● An island below the base of the little finger means you may suffer a nervous breakdown. In addition, it’s an omen of cerebropathy during the late year. (Fig 6)
● Two islands mean you may suffer encephalasthenia or a memory decline. You usually lack of common sense, stubborn, not considerate and like to be self-centered. (Fig 7)

Fig 3

Fig 4

Fig 5

Fig 6

Fig 7

Island on Heart Line

Fig 2
The island on heart line indicates problems with marriage or eyes. With this island, you are easy to love a person who is not suitable to you or whom you should not fall in love with.

If the island appears under the ring finger, it signifies problems with eyes such as short sightedness or weak sight. (Fig 2)

Island on Fate Line

Fig 9

Fig 8
If there are islands on your fate line, it indicates blocks in career. The bigger the island is, the more serious the troubles are.  

● An island on the join point of the fate line and head line indicates financial losses or failure of career caused by your wrong decisions. (Fig 8)
● An island on the join point of the fate line and heart line indicates difficulties in career interrupted by your emotions. (Fig 9)

Fig 12

Fig 11

Fig 10

● An island at the end of the fate line shows you couldn’t realize your lofty aspirations during your life, thus be passive and disappointed during the old age. (Fig 10)
● An island on the beginning of a shallow fate line indicates you were born unusually. You are an illegitimate child or orphan. (Fig 11)
● An island located in the middle of the palm on the fate line indicates setbacks in career and a fluctuated destiny after your middle age. (Fig 12)

Island on Sun Line

Fig 13
If there are islands on your sun line, it indicates troubles in reputation and losses in wealth. You are inclined to be impatient when find it’s hard to achieve success.

● If an island appears on the intersection point of the sun line and heart line, it indicates you may lose your high position in society because you are lust crazed for women. (Fig 13)

Island on Marriage Line

Fig 16

Fig 15

Fig 14
Island on marriage line indicates psychological incompatibility with your partner or family conflict. You couldn’t enjoy a happy marriage and may separate with your partner in life.
● If an island appears at the beginning of the line, it shows you may not go smoothly in love relationship before marriage. (Fig 14)
● An island in the middle indicates twists and turns in love. (Fig 15)

● If the island appears at the end of the line, it indicated obstacles after marriage. (Fig 16)
● Many islands indicate unfavorable love relationship and marriage.

Island on Health Line

Fig 17
You are easy to suffer from insomnia and have excessive dreams if there is any island on the health line. It also hints you that you may suffer diseases of the liver and gall; have a poor kidney function or respiratory system. If the island is large, it’s an indication of mammary gland hyperplasia disease for female. Better go to see a doctor. (Fig 17)

Near the Junction of Health Line and Head Line

If the island is near the junction of Health Line and Head Line and the Health Line is in crimson, it means you often catch a cold and you are sophisticated and prone to cerebral diseases.

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