Meanings of Spot or Moles on Lines in Palm

Moles on Life Line

A mole on life line suggests you are thoughtful, observant and adaptable, do things in a methodical way and solve problems in a calm and dignified manner. With such a palm, you are very suitable for research work. A mole in the fore part of life line means a disaster in your life. As long as you go through it, you will be able to complete the journey safely. A mole in the middle and rear of life line indicates you will be plain sailing in the first half of life and have some problems, such as an unfilial child, in the later life; by doing good works you can pull through. As the Chinese saying goes, good fortune follows upon disaster and disaster lurks within good fortune. You will have many chances and become successful in business. For you, special attention shall be paid to health.

Moles on Heart Line

A mole at the fore part of heart line suggests troubled love in the previous life and better love in this life. And you will have a better marriage and filial children. All the sufferings in the previous life will become a sort of accumulation and cultivation for this life.  Click to get more Meanings for Moles on Heart Line

Moles on Fate Line

With a mole on fate line, you can easily get a promotion and pay rise but are more likely to lose money or suffer disasters than the average. Thus you should do more good deeds, be generous and tolerant in treating people, walk away from things that don't concern you and never give credence to rumors. Especially in the workplace, do not talk gossips or you will offend the villains at work. If you can do things carefully with caution and devotion and think twice about everything, you will be double blessed.

Moles on Head Line

With a mole on head line, you are more likely to gain an appreciation from your superiors or teachers, just like a favorite of fate. You can see things from a longer term and tend to be more open-minded. But cleverness will lead to longevity. However, your wits can shorten your life and you need to learn to behave like a man who is of great wisdom yet often appears slow-witted. For you, there is no problem to enjoy happiness and become rich. As long as you study hard by your wits, you can get fame, prestige and respect. But you should prevent diseases and never butt in things that don't concern you or visit places of ill fame.

Moles at the End of Head Line
A mole can be either hereditary or melanin deposit. If a mole sprouts out at the end of your head line, then you might be attacked by an unexpected disease and need to stay alert in peacetime.

Inborn Moles on Head Line
1. Inborn Moles on Head Line - Females: If you are a woman born with a mole on head line, then you must be good at managing money matters and you are an independent lady who can control the purse-strings after getting married.
2. Inborn Moles on Head Line - Males: From the perspective of Chinese palmistry, an inborn mole on head line suggests you are a thoughtful man who would think twice before doing anything. Any woman marrying you will lead a stable and tranquil life free of marked ups and downs. Yet this kind of life can be a bit boring, as you are dull and less romantic.