Moles on Palm of Hand Palmistry

Only a few people have moles on hand. Then, what do the moles on hand signify and imply in palmistry?

Meanings of Spot or Moles on Lines in Palm Meanings of Spot or Moles on Heart Line

Moles on Fingers

Thumb (1-3)
A mole on thumb means helpful or successful parents.
1: A mole on the first section of the thumb indicates the protection from father and those with such a mole are decisive, strong-minded, even block-headed and commit mistakes repeatedly.
2: Those with a mole on the second section are family-oriented.
3: Those with a mole on the third section are quite popular among and have extremely good luck with the opposite sex.

Index Finger (4-6)
A mole on index finger means the helpful siblings or the most intimate girlfriend. People with a mole on index finger are usually competitive. Men with a mole on the left index finger are ambitious and have high expectations on themselves in youth but often see setbacks. Women with such a mole are competitive, dare to take risks and make a successful career in youth but seldom enjoy family happiness due to the limited efforts they make.
4: Those with a mole on the first section may take two extremes, either very law-abiding or often challenge the authority of law.
5: Those with a mole on the second section are quite competitive and try to outflank others in everything for the sake of their vanity.
6: Those with a mole on the third section are highly possessive, never allow others to get the thing they can't get and they are particularly selfish in love relationship.

Middle Finger (7-9)
Middle finger presents oneself. Those with a mole on the middle finger are prone to an affair in workplace. The mole implies helpful elder who may do favor or give directions for better development.
7: Those with a mole on the first section are law-abiding and loyal good citizens who have the strong moral value.
8: Those with a mole on the second section have high sense of responsibility and value interpersonal relationship.
9: Those with a mole on the third section are realistic, especially women who regard material life above all else.

Ring Finger (10-12)
Ring finger presents one's partner and has the romantic implication. A mole on the ring finger suggests the unexpected affair.
10: Presents the artistic talent.
11: Presents fame. People with such a mole pursue the supreme glory.
12: Presents lust and romance. People with such a mole are emotional and sensible rather than rational.

Little Finger (13-15)
Little finger presents the next generation. A mole on the little finger indicates the helpful offspring who come late. People with such a mole lead a peaceful and blessed old age with filial offspring.
13: Presents the performance ability. Those with such a mole enjoy satisfaction from drawing others' attention.
14: Presents the practice ability. Those with such a mole boast strong executive ability, have a plan for everything and work efficiently.
15: Presents the research ability. Those with such a mole are suitable for research work.

Moles on Palm

16: Legend goes that a mole on palm signifies the promise of previous life. The lovers of previous life promised to continue their relationship in this life. To find each other, they took the mole on palm as the keepsake. If a mole on the right palm of someone overlaps with the mole on the left palm of another person, they are the lovers of previous life.

Those with a mole on palm are thoughtful and calculate precisely. They are suitable for engineers, judges, or accountants because they always think twice and seldom make mistakes. However, this kind of man is not romantic.

Moles on Back of Hand

A well-defined mole on the back of hand belongs to those who are good at managing money matters and grasp the family economic power in marriage as they are highly possessive. If the back of hand is fleshy and has a good mole, it suggests the person is talented and will have the opportunity to get rapid promotion in life, especially in later years. If it is an ill-defined mole, however, it implies the family disputes and conflicts between family members, and the person is very nervous.

Moles on Wrist

A mole on wrist suggests the hard life of making a living for the family. The mole in bright color is live while the mole in dim color is dead. The live mole suggests ingenuity while the dead implies hard work. Generally speaking, the mole on left wrist benefits career while the one on right wrist is good for one's children.

Mole on Inner Wrist: It belongs to those who are wise, thoughtful and bold enough to face and solve difficulties.

Mole on Outer Wrist: It belongs to those who are careful, responsible, and promise-keeping, and follow the vows of marriage to take good care of their partners and families.

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