Auspicious Signs and Symbols in Palmistry

In palmistry, tender and rosy palms indicate good luck. Some clear and regular signs and symbols, which are vividly described with Chinese characters like '吕', '口', '王', '女', and '米', are auspicious. These signs are rare to find on people’s palm. Read your palm and see if you have such a lucky and auspicious sign or symbol.
1. A '田' sign in the center of your palm suggests good luck for wealth and indicates you are suitable for business or real estate. If the sign appears near the fate line or life line, you will be more likely to be a millionaire. 
2. A '文' sign in your palm, especially if at the base of middle or ring finger, suggests you are smart and extremely intelligent and can make outstanding achievements in academic sector.
3. A '吕' sign in your palm suggests real power or language talent and you are suitable for politics. When the sign is at the base of index finger, it means good luck for official career.
4. A '品' sign at the base of index finger suggests good luck for official career and potential of millionaire; if the sign is at the base of middle finger, it means you will be a shrewd senior official; if it is at the base of ring finger, it indicates rich family background and well-off life.
5. A '女' sign in your palm suggests good luck with women and wealth derived from women. If the sign is at the base of little finger, it symbolizes an excellent partner; the sign at the base of middle finger suggests wealth derived from women while the sign at the center of palm suggests you are destined to get rich because of women.
6. A '口' sign indicates wealth derived from power; an irregular '口' sign suggests a deputy position while an unsealed '口' sign symbolizes financial loss. A '口' sign near fate line and life line suggests you are suitable for training, consulting, lawyer or other industries making profits from eloquence.
7. A '米' sign, also known as coin sign, suggests good luck for windfall or unexpected fortune if it appears at the Mount of Venus, Mount of Jupiter, Mount of Mercury or center of palm.
8. A '王' sign, especially at the base of index finger or middle finger, suggests you are extremely competent and a rare talent with leadership ability.
9. A sign of shoe-shaped gold ingot suggests you will never lack of money. If the sign is close to trapezoid and tightly formed by fate line, life line, head line and health line, it symbolizes a big treasury which means a plenty of property, such as house and car.
10. In palm reading, Confucius Eye is also known as phoenix eye and it is an eye-like circle sign at the first knuckle of your thumb. If you have such a sign, it means you are clever and can enjoy early success and get profits pouring in from all sides. A clear sign of Confucius Eye on your thumb indicates you will be rich for the whole life.
11. '井' sign is commonly seen in palm reading and it is an auspicious symbol which means you are diligent and can accumulate wealth through ongoing efforts. You will make outstanding achievements and get good savings no matter what profession you choose. You will get rich but need to pay more.
12. A fish sign generally symbolizes a beautiful, noble and rich wife and harmonious marriage relationship. If you are a man with such a sign, your wife will help you a lot on your official career and wealth.

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