What Does a Triangle on Your Palm Mean?

Meanings of a Triangle at different Places on Palm

The triangle pattern on your palm is called the triangle which is formed by disorderly lines in your palm. The clear and regular triangles always have auspicious implications. Let's see the varied implications of the triangle at different locations on the palm.

At the Center of the Palm
The regular and big triangle at the center of your palm is a sign of good luck and indicates that you will make a career, have good fortune in making money and become widely known; you may even become a leader. In addition, you will have a husband/wife in good condition. However, the triangle in Neptune mount is unfortunately a bad sign suggesting the punishment of being lonely all the life.

On the Marriage Line or Heart Line
The triangle on the marriage line or heart line indicates that you will get good luck in wealth or get property from marriage or love.

On the Head Line
If the palmistry triangle is found on the head line, it suggests that you will not only make academic and theoretical achievements, but also have good eloquence.

On the Life Line
This situation is classified into two categories. If the triangle is on the life line, it indicates you are more vigorous than the average and you have a sophisticated conducting manner, thus always helped by others and greatly appreciated by your boss and colleagues; you will have a sound development whether being an official or go into business or start your own business, and you will have great achievements in career, thus very blessed. If the triangle is at the end of the life line, it suggests that you will be highly admired in old age.

If the triangle is very close to the life line, it suggests the unmentionable diseases in your internal organs, such as heart, liver and stomach, and you should beware of and prevent it in advance, and go to check in a hospital as soon as possible once you are in discomfort.

On the Wrist Line
The triangle on the wrist line is also an auspicious sign. If the triangle is at the center of the wrist line, it suggests you are born blessed and have very good luck in windfall; you may inherit the ancestral heritage or become a division head, thus well-known for your fame or power. If other lines on the wrist line form a regular shape in sharp angles (not a triangle), it suggests that you are very smart and have a special ability in something, by which you will get great wealth.

Below the Index Finger (Mount of Jupiter)
It indicates that you are talented in military and politics, and you are vigorous, prudent, self-disciplined and able to bear great pressure, thus can have a successful career and live a successful life.

Below the Middle Finger (Mount of Saturn)
It indicates that you will make a career and achieve what you desired after middle age.

Below the Ring Finger (Mount of Apollo)
It suggests that you are versatile and have good learning capacity, extraordinary temperament and talent, so you can make certain accomplishment in life.

Below the Little Finger (Mount of Moon)
It is an auspicious sign of successful career and good luck in wealth. This triangle suggests that you are very intelligent and have management talent, so you will certainly make some achievements in business.

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