Rabbit's Fate by Birth Date

Best Birth Dates

Notice: The birth date mentioned in this article is based on the Chinese lunar Calendar. Please click Chinese Calendar and find out your day in the calendar or use the Chinese Calendar Converter on the page to find out your lunar birth date.

The Rabbit people born in the 1st, 10th, 17th, 22nd, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th or the 30th day in Chinese lunar calendar are usually blessed with good luck and fortune during the whole life.

Destiny by Birth Date

Rabbit people born on the 1st day of Chinese lunar month: Loyal and upright, give priority to righteousness rather than wealth, helpful and prosperous.
Rabbit people born in the 2nd day of a month: Sincere and kindly, less blessed youth with many setbacks, better luck in middle age, easy and comfortable old age.
Rabbit people born in the 3rd day of a month: Ill-starred childhood, less blessed youth with no relatives or friends to rely on, build up from nothing and settle down independently, better to marry late.
Rabbit people born in the 4th day of a month: Work hard to make family property, change dwellings frequently, leave the hometown to start up a business for better development.

Rabbit people born in the 5th day of a month: Merciful, sturdy, difficult at first and quite easy afterwards while getting on in life.
Rabbit people born in the 6th day of a month: Honest and considerate, kind-hearted, impartial, popular and family-oriented.
Rabbit people born in the 7th day of a month: Smart, attentive, steadfast, sociable and well-off all the life.
Rabbit people born in the 8th day of a month: Bear hardships before enjoying comforts, less blessed youth and difficult to make money, better fortune in middle and old ages.
Rabbit people born in the 9th day of a month: Sincere, kindly and practical, average luck in youth, difficult at first and quite easy afterwards.
Rabbit people born in the 10th day of a month: Blessed marriage, well-provided for, thriving family property.
Rabbit people born in the 11th day of a month: Frustrated and toiling youth, little support from friends and relatives, better to make money in a foreign land.
Rabbit people born in the 12th day of a month: Noble government official, gain both fame and wealth, beware of romantic affairs. 
Rabbit people born in the 13th day of a month: Intelligent, over firm, less motivated, bumpy life.
Rabbit people born in the 14th day of a month: Smart, enduring, many hardships in the ordinary life.
Rabbit people born in the 15th day of a month: Poor luck in youth, limited support from relatives, toiling and hard life with mixed joys and sorrows.
Rabbit people born in the 16th day of a month: Harmonious marriage, undisciplined children, future damaged by pugnacity.
Rabbit people born in the 17th day of a month: Dignified, many benefactors, gain both fame and wealth in middle age.
Rabbit people born in the 18th day of a month: Good personality, high morality, respected by all, blessed in middle age.
Rabbit people born in the 19th day of a month: No relatives to rely on, no sweet without sweat, self-relied, build up a family fortune after middle age.
Rabbit people born in the 20th day of a month: Strong-willed, decisive, average youth, build up a family fortune after middle age.
Rabbit people born in the 21st day of a month: Limited ancestral property, poor family ties, better to make a living in a foreign land.
Rabbit people born in the 22nd day of a month: Males marry a good wife to build up family fortune while females are diligent, family-oriented and marry a good husband.
Rabbit people born in the 23rd day of a month: Sagacious, sensible, good-tempered, popular, blessed marriage.
Rabbit people born in the 24th day of a month: Toiling early years with little money, make a living in a foreign land, difficult at first and quite easy afterwards.
Rabbit people born in the 25th day of a month: Well-fed in youth, average middle age with many troubles, blessed old age, self-improved life.
Rabbit people born in the 26th day of a month: Outstanding skills, intelligent and noble, secured middle age, long-lived. 
Rabbit people born in the 27th day of a month: Intelligent and fond of study, glorify and illuminate the ancestors, harmonious marriage, lots of money.
Rabbit people born in the 28th day of a month: Conjugal harmony, helped by others, able to achieve success one way or another, accomplish both success and fame.
Rabbit people born in the 29th day of a month: Males are handsome, brilliant and successful in career while females are clever, kind and skilled in keeping house.
Rabbit people born in the 30th day of a month: Seek development independently, succeed after middle age, prosperous family property, sufficient money, long-lived and blessed later years.