Color Taboos in Feng Shui

Color Taboos

In house Feng Shui, color is indispensable. In particular, modern young people are keen on fashion and unique, and they always make efforts on colors. At the same time, however, they may easily make mistakes. Following are seven ominous colors in Feng Shui which young people often make mistakes. There are serious rules in color matching and colors can greatly affect the physiological function of human body since we see all sorts of colors every day, thus the proper matching can make us happy and bring us high work efficiency. However, it is not true for everybody and varies since people with different numerology have different suitable and incompatible colors.

4 Best Feng Shui Colors

The best colors for the house are milk white, ivory and white, which are most suitable to the optic nerve of people because sunlight belongs to white series and symbolizes light and people's heart; eyes also need to be adjusted with light. In addition, white series of furniture is recommended since white is a symbol of hope.

Burly wood is also the best color because it can easily lead to inspiration and wisdom, especially for the study.

7 Colors to Avoid as the Main Color

Dark Blue:  If the entire house is in dark blue, the house will be full of Yin after a long time and the family members will be passive and inharmonious.

Purple: If the house is generally in purple, the red in purple will create the dazzling sense imperceptibly and make people living in helpless.

Pink: The house generally in pink is ominous because pink may easily make people irritable and lead to quarrels. In particular, the newlyweds always choose pink since they believe it is romantic and can adjust the atmosphere; with the disharmony of color, however, they may easily feel irritable after a period of time and often quarrel with each other on trifles, finally even get divorced. Therefore, this color is not suggested.

Green: The house generally in green will make people living in gradually depressed. It is commonly known that our eyes shall often look at the green. Actually, it means the green in nature rather than the man-made green which will make the house lifeless.

Red: If the house is generally in red, it will lead to the heavy burden of eyes and make people irritable. Therefore, red shall be used as a matching color rather than a primary color. However, the temples vary from the residences.

Yellow: The house generally in yellow will make people living in depressed and uneasy with a kind of unspeakable surprise or worry. Therefore, the brain of people living in will have multilayer illusions; those with mental disorder are most compatible to this color.

Orange: The house generally in orange will make people living in tired of despite the vitality and warmness it creates.

In short, the house shall have just right rather than too many colors.

Avoid Garish Colors

On the one hand, the garish colors refer to the application of too many colors, making people dazzled and confused the primary with the secondary; on the other hand, the garish colors mean too many ornaments to the color. In house Feng Shui, the garish colors may lead to three adverse consequences:
1. the owner may have an extramarital affair or bad luck with the opposite sex;
2. the owner may easily have brain diseases, such as dizziness, dreaminess and inattention;
3. the owner will spend money like water, thus cannot accumulate wealth.