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Hello! Thank you for giving all of us a free consultation, may the Heaven bless you more.

My inquiry is we are 3 major all-female residents on the place acquired and I am born on April 15, 1970 (i think I am a metal dog), another on is July 25, 1971 (i think she is metal-boar), and the other is October 29, 1976 (i think she is fire dragon).
Question is:
1. Will out best move-in is in this month of July 2017? If YES, can you tell us what dates and is it the whole day?
2. What color should we use for kitchen cabinet? For Living Room? or what color to avoid?

Since many told us that our signs are conflicting with each other, is there anything we can do to be able to leave harmoniously in our new place?

Many much thanks for your kind reply.

More Power!

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Hi Jane,

It's Okay for you to move in this July. Auspicious date to move for you to move include: July 21st, 23rd, 26th, 27th.

For the dragon and dog, best color is yellow and for boar blue and black are best colors.

Dragon and Dog are in one of the Six Offending (Conflicting) Groups in Chinese Zodiac, there will be many different opinions, disagreements, quarrels or unhappiness if live together. There is no problem between Dragon and Boar, and Dog and Boar. Dragon should place a rooster mascot in bedroom and should place a rabbit as a cure.
Thank thanks and much thanks for your reply and timing Ms. Maria.

More Power to your site and Heaven Bless you always for being kind hearted.

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